Ive Been Sitting Here Waiting For You, But Not Anymore


Waiting, that is all I am doing, is awaiting that text that constantly comes. Offer it 3 months of not talking; it will take place. It never ever fails.

Whats going to occur when your name flashes throughout my screen? Well one, I am going to read it. I constantly do. I constantly will.

But this time, this time I will not react. I have no need to. If I do I will get drawn back into that void of discomfort and heartbreak, I understand. I will not let you pull me back into that a person thing that ruined me, your love. , if that is exactly what you desire to call it..

Love isn’t really expected to damage the really being you are. It is expected to treasure, support, and support you.

Not cut at your skin a little at a time up until there is absolutely nothing however this light pink layer barley keeping your blood where it belongs. I wont be that individual any longer. When it comes to you, I have actually fallen adequate times. Do not get me incorrect. I will constantly appreciate you in some sort of style. I require to care more about myself.

I need to begin caring for who I lack you keeping your finger in the location where I get married. Since I have let you come back in the past is nonexistent, #hoeee

That hold you believe you have over me. Given I did need to require that door shut with a crowbar and bonded it closed so I understand I cant open that part of myself once again. When life appears to be slipping downhillagain, in order for you to lastly recognize I am no longer your go to. It needed to take place. I cant, no I wont be that individual for you any longer. As much as I have actually offered to you in the past of who I am, I have absolutely nothing delegated provide. You took all I needed to provide and utilized it for a dirt rug.

Now you need to deal with the truth that you might have well potentially lost the one real thing in your life. The error was yours and not mine. A minimum of I can state I attempted. I am completely content not attempting any longer. When I believe of you I no longer get that sharp discomfort in my chest, #peeee

I can truthfully state that. Its gone. When your name crosses my mind and your face behind my eyes I am beginning to see absolutely nothing however a remote memory of exactly what we were. Quickly enough it will be up until now away that I have actually forgotten the important things we utilize to do together that implied the world to me. I truthfully can not await that day to come. Due to the fact that on that day I can state I am lastly devoid of all that I have actually shut in till it was my snapping point.

I still want you the very best in exactly what you are looking for and I hope you do discover it. I am at that point in time to where I no longer actually care if you get exactly what you have actually been going after all these years, and I will no longer be hear waiting for you to discover yourself in all the things that do not actually matter to me any longer.

My focus is me and me alone.

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