Jenna Jameson Gives Birth to Baby No. 3


Jenna Jameson Gives Birth to Baby No. 3

Jenna Jameson‘s family just got a little bigger.

The model and entrepreneur welcomed her third child Thursday evening. Her fiancé Lior Bitton confirmed the news on Instagram.

Baby arrived momma did amazing job, everyone healthy and happy,” he shared from the hospital. “God bless you @jennacantlose you are a warrior! I love you.”

Shortly before the big reveal, Jenna was updating Instagram followers on her pregnancy journey in a series of posts.

“I thought my belly had leveled off last week… I was wrong,” she recently wrote online. “I’m 9 months pregnant, and feeling so blessed because this little one is thriving! This time with my twins, I had already delivered, so it feels so good to keep this little star baking!!!!!”

Back in January, Jenna celebrated her upcoming arrival with a baby shower in Orange County, Calif.

According to Instagram, guests enjoyed desserts from incredebites and baby onesies from A lil’ Moore.

“My baby shower was amazing! Thank you @ms__shay and @barbiemurdock for throwing such an amazing fiesta!” Jenna shared on Instagram. “I feel so special and loved!”

Back in August of 2016, Jenna confirmed she was pregnant and expecting her third child. She is already a proud mama to twin boys from her past relationship with MMA fighter Tito Ortiz.

Today, Jenna is more than content with the family and friends around her. In fact, those closest to her couldn’t help but shower the mom with love in the weeks leading up to her delivery.

“Wow baby, thank you so much for this mind blowing ‘push present.’ You are such a gift from G-d, I’m blessed I have you @liorbitt,” she wrote on Instagram while showcasing a hot new ride. “But remember, your generosity isn’t why I love you, you’re the kind of man that I KNOW I can count on, and THAT is worth more than anything.”

Jenna continued, “I am so happy I have an amazing husband, phenomenal friends and family, the gift of sobriety and a little angel on the way. Thank you Lior for helping me find my way. #maybach.”



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Harry Styles' “Sign of the Times” Is Finally Here: Listen Now

The wait is over.

At midnight, Harry Styles released “Sign of the Times,” his highly anticipated debut solo single. The 23-year-old singer—who’s set to perform on The Graham Norton Show and Saturday Night Live in April—spoke to BBC Radio 1 host Nick Grimshaw about his new music Thursday. Said Styles, “In the least weird way possible, it’s my favorite album to listen to at the moment.”

Since One Direction went on hiatus in 2016, fans have been eager for new music.

In total, Styles wrote about 70 songs for the album. “We did 50 songs and ideas in Jamaica—and that’s including, like, little ideas. Well, full songs—I say there are 30 songs, probably. One of the songs on the album, I wrote a few years ago,” he revealed. Styles added that he had to delay the album once he was cast in Dunkirk, which was ultimately “good” for the writing process. “For a while before, all I thought about it was stressing about what it was going to be. It gave me a chance to completely step away from it for a bit and have a real break,” he said. “By the end of the movie—because we were swimming so much—I just wanted to write songs.”

Hence why he traveled to Jamaica. “I just wanted to not be somewhere that I’d get distracted,” Styles explained, making it sound like musical boot camp. “You’d go home for dinner, write at the house then go back to the studio. I liked being away from everything and doing it like that.”

“I was with the guys who I was writing it with,” he said, “and we just wanted to make what we wanted to listen to. And that’s been the most fun part for me about making the whole album.”

Styles has tested a few songs for Ed Sheeran, who’d written “18,” “Little Things,” “Moments” and “Over Again” for One Direction. “I played him a few songs after the album was finished,” Styles said. “He didn’t say he didn’t like any—but he did like one song that isn’t on the album.”


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