Kabul shaken by large explosion on city’s outskirts


Taliban insurance claim duty for blast in Pul-e-Charkhi area of Afghan capital that took place at very same time as extensive power cuts

A big surge rocked Kabul early on Monday early morning, jolting the Afghan capital awake. The blast, which happened at about 1.30 am regional time, appeared to target a hotel for immigrants on the borders of the capital.

An hour and a half after the attack, the Taliban declared duty. A spokesperson for the militant group stated the group had actually utilized a truck bomb to target the North Gate hotel, situated in a mostly enterprise zone of the Pul-e-Charkhi area.

In a declaration that boasted about previous attacks on American facilities, the representative declared that there were no civilians in the area. The attack comes a week after a suicide attack on a crowd of protesters in the city, which eliminated more than 80 civilians and was declared by Isis.

In main Kabul, the noise of the surge right away followed extensive power cuts that were potentially triggered by the blast, although it was unclear if the 2 were linked.

According to regional media, shooting appeared after the surge, and the location was cordoned off by security forces.

There were no instant information on casualties.

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