KKK Members Claim They Were Paid To Fabricate Scenes For A&E Show


Members of the Ku Klux Klan who were taking part in a now-canceled documentary series for A&E are declaring manufacturers paid them to make scenes for the program.

The program, “ Escaping the KKK: A Documentary Series Exposing Hate in America, ” was set up to premiere Jan. 10.

A&E canceled the series after discovering money payments were made “ to help with gain access to” to the movie ’ s topics by the production business, This Is Just a Test (TIJAT).

The program was at first entitled “ Generation KKK,&” however A&E altered it to make it clear the movie is a work of documentary journalism instead of reality-TV home entertainment.

However, KKK leaders inform Variety that they each were paid numerous dollars in money a day throughout shooting to take part in produced scenes developed to fit a fixed story of stress in between Klan loved ones and members who wished to go out.

KKK leaders likewise state they existed with scripted situations, motivated not to submit taxes on the money payments, advised about exactly what to state on electronic camera and directed to re-enact cam shoots till the production group got exactly what it required.

Multiple sources informed Variety the production group even spent for product and devices to make Nazi swastikas and to build and burn wood crosses.

One of the highlighted topics, Richard Nichols, the grand dragon of a KKK cell referred to as the Tennessee White Knights of the Invisible Empire, stated manufacturers motivated him to utilize the word “ n **** r ” when being spoken with.

“ We were betrayed by the manufacturers and A&E, ” Nichols stated. “ It was all comprised practically whatever we did and stated was phony and since that is exactly what the movie individuals informed us to state and do.”

The Huffington Post connected to TIJAT however has actually gotten no action. The business had actually provided a declaration to TheWrap.com.

“ We take these claims extremely seriously and in collaboration with A&E we will be checking out them completely, ” the declaration stated. “ We completely anticipated opposition from hate companies who want to disparage this series.

“ We have actually been informed that individuals in the series have actually gotten dangers and pushed into speaking up versus the credibility of the program.”

The business likewise dealt with A&E ’ s choice to cancel the series prior to the airdate:

“ We had lots of numerous long discussions about the best ways to tackle this topic, and we take pride in the program we made. We feel the reaction over the statement of this series has actually caused a shoot the messenger mindset.”

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