Lambchop: Flotus review Kurt Wagner’s skilful swerve into electronics


As bullish declarations of hope-you-like-our-new-direction intent go, the very first track launched from Lambchops 12th album took some pounding. Kurt Wagners Nashville cumulative have actually long been more diverse than the alt-country tag recommends, taking on whatever from soul to lounge music, however theyve never ever attempted anything like The Hustle s 18 mostly important minutes of downing home beats, gently pulsing electronic devices, abstract woodwind and sporadic flecks of piano. Its absolutely beautiful, an expression you might likewise usefully use to JFKs haze of vocodered vocals and jazzy piano, or Harbour Countys glitchy synths and echoing guitar. For an artist whos concern electronica fairly late, Wagner appears to have a natural understanding of ways to pull it into his orbit. The impacts and synths never ever seem like the outcome of tentative messing around: Flotus still seems like Lambchop, even when it sounds absolutely nothing like they have actually done prior to. It plays out like a counterpoint to the wrecked alienation of Bon Ivers current Auto-Tune-heavy 22, A Million , filled with heat, wistful fond memories and soft, autumnal light.

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