Maine Gov. Paul LePage Says People Of Color Are ‘The Enemy’


Perhaps Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) believed he had actually been too subtle in revealing his views on hispanic and black individuals in the past. How else to describe exactly what he stated in a Friday interview while talking about a threatening, expletive-filled voicemail that he’d left for a state lawmaker?

LePage was commonly slammed previously this year for declaring males with names like “ Smoothie, D-Money and Shifty ” were entering his state to deal drugs. Previously today, he stated he keeps a binder with mugshots of all the drug dealerships apprehended in Maine, and he asserted that 90 percent of individuals because binder were hispanic or black.

Note that 95 percent of Maine citizens are white, according to the United States Census Bureau.

On Friday, LePage initially rejected that Maine policeman were racially profiling individuals an apparent issue if they truly are detaining nearly solely individuals of color for drug criminal activities.

Then the guv recommended that individuals of color in Maine were “ the opponent. ”

“ Look, a bad person is a bad person, I wear ’ t care what color it is. When you fight, if you understand the opponent, the opponent gowns in red and you wear blue, you contend red, wear ’ t you? ” he stated . “ You contend the opponent. You attempt to recognize the opponent. And the opponent today, the frustrating bulk today can be found in are individuals of color or individuals of Hispanic origin. I can’ t assistance that. I simply can ’ t assistance it. Those are the realities.”

The American Civil Liberties Union of Maine had actually explained Thursday that research study reveals whites and blacks deal drugs at comparable rates.

“ According to the guv, Maine cops are 9 times most likely to detain individuals of color for offering drugs than white individuals, although we understand white individuals are simply as most likely to dedicate drug offenses, ” Alison Beyea, executive director of the ACLU of Maine, stated in a declaration. “ This worrying variation in arrests raises substantial issues that Maine police is taking part in unconstitutional racial profiling.”

The civil liberties group stated it had actually sent a F# SEEEE reedom of Access Act demand for the guv’ s binder .

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