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Is Marks &&Spencer the High Street’s equivalent of Marmite? Its clothes definitely divides viewpoint.

Some individuals think about it as someplace just their mum or gran stores, while others cannot wait to have a look at the current Alexa Chung collection. Keep in mind all the difficulty around THAT skirt ?

As brand-new M&S manager Steve Rowe prepares to reveal his strategies to deal with falling clothes sales on Wednesday, we asked Sandra Halliday , style specialist and creator of the blog site , to recall for many years and see when M&S has actually been a trailblazer when it has actually fallen back the style curve.


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These are quite normal appearances of their time, neither behind the curve nor ahead of it however in fact precisely on target. 1930 saw an extreme shape modification after the loose cuts of the 20s and by 1932 the fitted-but-fluid shapes and longer skirts were totally mainstream.


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These skirts were the slim denims equivalent of that years and lasted a remarkably long period of time into the early 60s. M&S was taking no dangers whatsoever here and might most likely be positive that they ‘d offer thousands upon countless this search for summer season daytime dressing. It’s quite a reflection of M&S targeting the “typical” lady with a safe product that was simple to produce instead of try out the sack gown, the trapeze line or puffball skirts that were popular at the greater end.


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Another example of M&S using the dominant mainstream appearance (a minimum of amongst the under-35s). Like the complete skirt of the previous years, this shape lasted for several years and was continuously modified. While many individuals keep in mind 1967 for the “Summer of Love” and the method it welcomed hippie appearances, this is, once again, targeting “everywoman”, individuals who operated in workplaces, stores and so on for whom covered pants or a kaftan were alarmingly subversive! There is development going on here. Twiggy (left) was the design of the minute with a hairstyle and body shape that was really untraditional. It set a design template for M&S’s marketing of its items that was really directional, even if the style itself was mainstream.


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Given that this was the year of David Bowie, Glam Rock, Led Zeppelin and so forth, this is extremely conservative as much as a point and represents a particular sort of consumer. Consider Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads?, which was being recorded throughout 1972. A character like Terry was still dressing for the 1960s however the Bob character was the prototype nouveau riche and desired a fit to show that with a little broader lapels, carefully flared pants and a t-shirt that had not been policy white.

Again, the development here may have been less about shape and more about the “back story”. M&S has actually constantly been at the leading edge of utilizing brand-new products, and designs like this t-shirt, tie and fit would more than likely have actually had easy-care functions utilizing sophisticated artificial products in combination with natural fibers.


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M&S was riding high in 1983 and while it was never ever a style beacon, it was still drawing in a great cross-section of the population. This appearance is really traditional – the Princess Diana-influenced flat shoes, the “mini” skirt that’s not too brief, the Dexy’s Midnight Runners-style dungarees that now had actually been around for a couple of years so not appeared uncommon. This would have attracted the female in the street who wished to use style patterns extremely carefully with clothing that she understood were great quality.

But it would not actually have actually attracted style forward consumers – they were too hectic using Bodymap and Jean Paul Gaultier. Not that M&S could not have actually done haute couture. The chain had some exceptional designers at this time however its consumer didn’t wish to be challenged, they desired clothing that felt and look great which they understood would work for their lives.


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This was simply a couple of years prior to M&S dealt with a best storm as quick style started to weaken its supremacy. I believe by the 90s it was rather contented as it understood it had a dedicated mainstream following who weren’t ready to flaw to anything else on the High Street. This appearance amounts that up. It’s good enough however considered that an entire year previously style had actually been shocked by Tom Ford’s 70s-influenced styling at Gucci which Prada was beginning to enter high gear, it’s truly extremely dull!

It’s worth explaining, however, that at the exact same time M&S was powering ahead in its food company and was innovating all over the location in terns of customer care, components and dishes. That spirit of development didn’t filter through to style, apart from in products where it was an early user of ingenious stretch materials. That’s due to the fact that its normal client at the time didn’t desire development. She may have wished to experiment in the kitchen area, however not with her closet!


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This was the height of M&S’s fascination with celeb designs and the appearances here show its style technique at the time. It blended really industrial looks with some more powerful pattern pieces and while it didn’t constantly get the balance right, it was in fact ending up some extremely strong designs at this moment.


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The business still deals with huge obstacles because it needs to be all things to all individuals and it cannot pay for to attract specific niches. It needs to reach traditional customers. The current Alexa Chung collection was an intriguing one. Personally I had not been overly-impressed, however the social networks chatter around it was particular and really favorable products appeared to offer out online extremely quick. While it was billed as being an “archive” collection, it was actually a mix of straight duplications and re-interpretations (like this gown that was based upon a 1960s initial).

I’m interested to see exactly what they finish with Alexa next. M&S actually has to turn its clothes offer around as it’s so crucial to it. It might be succeeding in foods however clothes is a higher-margin company so is essential. It has a huge difficulty due to the fact that its company design of a gigantic single-brand operation targeting a lot of various consumers is one that has a hard time in the modern-day world where online shops, ultra-fast style and high-end are the headline-grabbers.

Sandra Halliday is a style professional and creator of the blog site

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