‘Michael Moore in TrumpLand’ more notable for stealth than content


(CNN) More noteworthy for the stealth with which it was produced than its material, “Michael Moore in TrumpLand” is less a film than a recorded show by somebody who is more achieved as a showman than a phase entertainer.

A simple 72 minutes, the movie opens with bits of remarks from Donald Trump fans in Wilmington, Ohio, where Moore appeared in a theater with the words “Trump Voters Welcome” plastered throughout the marquee. “He didn’t get it bied far to him like Hillary did from her moms and dads,” one Trump backer states.
Moore starts the discussion in conciliatory style, stating he invites having a variety of viewpoint represented there. Even his nod to Trump‘s more polarizing declarations– segregating the Muslims and “Mexicans” in the audience, and putting up a cardboard wall around the latter– is bet laughs, referred to as a way of making the Trump faithful comfy.