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Model Contracts Eye Infection From ‘Dirty’ Makeup Brush



An Australian design who contracted an eye infection from a shared makeup brush is now speaking up about the value of excellent health when utilizing makeup or getting your makeup done.

The design, Anthea Page, published on Instagram that she contracted a staph infection of the eye after getting her makeup done at a style program, where the makeup artists did not effectively tidy the brushes.

“I have actually simply been on a style program task for the previous 4 days and regrettably, despite the fact that I had actually observed unclean practises and faced the certified artists (who I will not call), I still wound up taking house a nasty eye infection from style weekend,” Page composed on Instagram.

“My message is not planned to review the females who I relied on with my eye and skin health however to raise awareness of value of health practices among artists,” Page stated. “If you are getting your makeup done or utilizing any testers, inspect whatever has actually been cleaned up to your requirement even if somebody belittles your issues.” [ 7 Beauty Trends that Are Bad for Your Health ]

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration cautions versus sharing makeup brushes, even with a buddy. “Another individual’s bacteria might be harmful to you,” the FDA states.