Norman Seabrook, NYC Jail Guard Union Boss With a Taste for Luxury, Gets Pinched


The male who provided him a cash-filled high-end bag is assisting the feds develop cases versus other public authorities. “>

A Ferragamo bag packed with $60,000 in money now gets in the large tradition of public corruption in New York City.

The bag originated from the Salvatore Ferragamo store that is stated by a federal criminal problem to be the preferred high-end items shop in Manhattan of Norman Seabrook, the long time head of the citys Correction Officers'’ Benevolent Association (COBA).

Seabrook was apprehended at his house at 6 am Wednesday for presumably taking the designer bag filled with cash as a kickback for routing $20 million in union funds to a teetering hedge fund.

Its about time Norman Seabrook earned money, the grievance prices estimate Seabrook as having actually stated in late 2013 to his go-between with the fund, Platinum Partners, L.P.

The apprehending representatives had a search warrant and discovered a Ferragamo bag in Seabrooks home.

Along with 10 sets of Ferragamo shoes, Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara stated in revealing the arrest.

Also charged was the dubious investor who is stated to run the hedge fund in truth if not on paper, Murray Huberfeld. A 3rd male who worked as the go-between the 2 is stated to have season tickets to the Knicks, and Huberfeld presumably looked for to represent the $60,000 by staging the phony purchase of sets of ducats to 8 online games.

Bharara observed that the prices was especially adventurous offered the groups long losing streak in the 2014 season.

The Knicks record was 4 and 20, he stated.

Seabrooks arrest is just the most recent corruption case that Bharara has actually introduced New York. Speaker of the Assembly Sheldon Silver and State Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos were founded guilty and sentenced to long jail terms previously in 2012. Others are all however sure to follow as the outcome of a minimum of a half lots other examinations emerging from Bhararas avowed decision to prosecute corruption any place it is discovered.

It is regrettable we appear to discover it all over we look, he stated. Im losing adjectives to explain it.

In the grievance, the go-between is recognized just as CW-1 (Complaining Witness-1), however the Wall Street Journal has actually determined him as Jona Rechnitz . He is likewise at the center of 2 significant examinations, one into corruption amongst a variety of high-ranking police officers and a 2nd into doubtful fundraising and impact peddling at City Hall.

The targets of different probes where Rechnitz figures might not have actually enjoyed to discover that the Seabrook grievance reports, CW-1 has actually pleaded guilty to conspiring to dedicate sincere services scams in connection with, to name a few things, this matter and is offering details to the Government in the hope of acquiring leniency when he is sentenced.

In the Seabrook case, Rechnitz presumably presented Seabrook to Huberfeld with the idea that union money may conserve a hedge fund that was being deserted by clever financiers; more cash was being secured than was being available in.

Seabrook wound up putting $20 countless union cash into the hedge fund that others were running away. The grievance explains a minute on a Rechnitz-paid journey to the Dominican Republic when Seabrook remained in his hosts hotel space and grumbled that he had actually striven to invest COBAs cash and did not get anything personally from it.

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Seabrook stated that it was time that Norman Seabrook earned money, the grievance states.

Rechnitz went to Huberfeld, who apparently accepted settle back to Seabrook 2 percent of the earnings on the unions financial investment.

How much is Norman Seabrook getting paid? the union leader presumably asked.

He was allegedly informed to anticipate in between $100,000 and $150,000 a year. The real quantity pertained to just $60,000, and Rechnitz obviously looked for to soothe Seabrook by buying a bag at the Ferragamo shop for $820.

Tax consisted of, the grievance notes.

The problem continues, CW-1 then positioned $60,000 in money in the Ferragamo bag and fulfilled Seabrook a number of blocks away.””

The tactic worked about along with the majority of Rechnitz'’s plans.

When CW-1 informed Seabrook just how much cash remained in the bag; Seabrook was mad that it was not as much cash as he was at first assured, the certified continues.

The grievance likewise reports that Rechnitz took Seabrook on 2 journeys to the Dominican Republic in addition to on a journey to Israel.

My journey to Israel was exceptionally spiritually fulfilling for me, Seabrook later on stated in an affidavit.

Seabrook and Rechnitz were accompanied by 2 other males. One is explained in the grievance just as CC-1 (Co-Conspirator-1), however has actually been extensively recognized as a Rechnitz company partner, Jeremy Reichberg. The 2 males figure plainly in the examination of fundraising by Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Look, I want I never ever satisfied the person, de Blasio stated of Rechnitz on Wednesday.

The 4th guy on the journeys is just referred to as an NYPD policeman. A source informed The Daily Beast Wednesday that is previous NYPD Chief of Department Philip Banks, a Seabrook good friend who seems a target in a minimum of among the continuous authorities corruption probes.

Such fulminating of numerous scandals might be exactly what leaves Bharara at a loss for adjectives. He does not appear to be suffering a scarcity of future corruption cases.

You ought to anticipate to see me once again, he stated at Wednesdays 12:30 pm interview relating to the Seabrook arrest.

Later in the afternoon, Seabrook and Huberfeld were introduced handcuffs into a third-floor courtroom for arraignment. Seabrook used denims and a light lavender gown t-shirt that was untucked. He had on not Ferragamo shoes, however brown leather shoes.

He had actually begun life in hard situations in the Bronx and hung around in a juvenile detention center. He selected another course prior to an adult felony record would have prevented him being a correction policeman.

There however for fortune, he had actually frequently stated of those who wound up prisoners.

For 21 years, he had actually been president of COBA, whose 9,000 members make it the biggest correction policemans union in the world. He might not have actually been faulted for being mad, a black guy heading an extremely black union in prisons whose prisoners were extremely black. Rather than glower, he glowed, riding about the city in a COBA-owned SUV, well-dressed, fearless, not averse to the finer things in life.

Seabrook and Seabrook alone chose to put millions into the hedge fund, which he decreased even to call to others in the union. The recording secretary, William Valentin, objected when he found out of a $5 million financial investment and no doubt would have ended up being even more vocal if he had actually understood the overall was $20 million.

Seabrook responded as an autocrat may to such a difficulty to his authority. Valentin submitted a lawsuit charging that Seabrook had actually unjustly required him from his position. Seabrook allowed an affidavit, I yield stating to Valentine at the January 5, 2015 conferences, Youre out. I did not indicate by this statement that I was eliminating him from his matching secretary positron, just that he was not to come to the workplace.

Seabrook charged that Valentin had actually shown bad judgment and deceitful conduct. Valentin was naturally cheered on Wednesday, when he discovered of Seabrooks arrest.

But there manied other union members who filled the courtroom at the arraignment in a program of assistance. Seabrooks lawyer, Paul Shechtman, informed press reporters, “”Norman Seabrook has actually invested his whole life combating. He'’s not going to leave a battle.

This is a one-witness case, Shechtman went on. All of us understand who he is This witness has a great deal of luggage.””

A reasonable reading of the problem recommends that the things about Norman Seabrook having to make money might be based just on Rechnitzs account. The grievance does keep in mind that the time and location of such minutes as the pay-off is supported by permit plate readers and cellular phone records.

A press reporter asked Shechtman about the Ferragamo bag discovered in his customers house. Shechtman stated an old law-school circumstance where a female strolls into a precinct and states she had actually simply been raped by Paul Newman under a palm tree. She then takes a police officer out into the street and indicate a palm tree and states, There.

But there'’s no Paul Newman, Shechtman stated.

Newman in this case being the $60,000. The problem looks for to support the payment with the supposed effort to cover it up with the Knicks tickets, which is recorded with e-mails and a coupon.

“”The only corroboration appears to be nobody would pay $60,000 for Knicks tickets,” “Shechtman stated.

The district attorneys at the arraignment proclaimed that the federal government had an extremely strong case and requested for considerable bail. Judge Kevin Fox bought Seabrook launched on his own recognizance, without any bail at all. Fox informed Seabrook that he need to appear in court whenever needed or suffer the repercussions.

Yes, judge, thank you, sir, Seabrook stated.

Youre welcome, the judge stated.

The 2nd hearing ended with Seabrook being needed to publish a $250,000 bond. His co-defendant, Huberfeld, needed to publish $1 million, which appears about best for a person who is stated to have actually as soon as gotten his own sis unsuspectingly associated with hustling survivor benefit indicated for hospice clients.

A lady had actually brought Seabrook clothes and shoes closer to his normal sharp design in case he wished to alter, however he decided to continue to be in the denims and untucked t-shirt of the6 amarrest when he remerged from the court house.

I seem like a million dollars, he in fact stated with a real smile.

In the 1930s, New York City Sheriff Thomas Farley ended up being permanently called Tin Box Farley after he informed a graft questions that his savings account far surpassed his earnings due to the fact that he had a tin box from which cash appeared whenever he opened it.

Oh, its a fantastic box, a smiling Tin Box Farley stated.

We now have Ferragamo Seabrook.

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