Obama puts Trump on the spot with Russia sanctions


(CNN)President Barack Obama, at long, long last, reacted powerfully to Russia’s extraordinary disturbance in America’s democratic procedure. We can all question exactly what may have taken place if he had actually acted quicker, however that concern not matters.

The concern now is exactly what President-elect Donald Trump will do when he takes workplace in less than a month.



    The problem of a foreign power hindering American democracy is barely one to be cavalierly dismissed by the next president– although it remains in keeping with Trump‘s other head-spinning remarks. These are his insights on the nationwide security problem and Russia’s participation : “I believe that computer systems have actually complicated our lives really significantly. The entire age of computer system has actually made it where no one recognized precisely what’s going on.”
    As it occurs, we have a respectable concept exactly what’s happening with Russia and its disturbance in Western democratic elections. Even Germany is now taking a look at the possibility of Russian meddling . It is Trump‘s mindset to Putin where we still have a great deal of concerns.
    The concern of United States relations with Russia, especially in the consequences of the election hacking, has the possible to bring Putin into direct fight with Republicans in Congress, a few of whom were currently requiring sanctions even prior to Obama acted.
    Obama has actually put Trump on the area. Will he actively safeguard Putin, raising the sanctions, regardless of United States intelligence conclusions and the views of lots of in the Republican Party, or will he serve as the president of the United States, a guy accountable for maintaining democracy and safeguarding his own nation versus aggressiveness from abroad?
    After all, all of us keep in mind Trump’s never-ceasing words, “No puppet, no puppet!” in rejecting the charge that he is beholden to Putin.

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