Police shutter privacy-focused Dutch phone network over alleged criminal activity


An encrypted communications network based on 1,500 smartphones has actually been shut down by Dutch and also Canadian police, that say wrongdoers were abusing the solution,

according to Dutch media.Ennetcom, a Dutch tech firm that advertised as well as marketed safe BlackBerry phones, have pulled all their web servers offline for a service that had 19,000 users. The company’s proprietor was jailed in the city of Nijmegen. Dutch media file he’ll be charged, at the very least, with money laundering.Before authorities

took down Ennetcom’s servers, Dutch as well as Canadian police duplicated all the data they included, targeting organized crime that was supposedly taking advantage of the company’s products. The details acquired will certainly be made use of in investigations as well as prosecutions progressing, however it’s yet uncertain just what information authorities had the ability to in fact obtain.Ennetcom tools came pre-installed with a number of solid file encryption innovation, consisting of PGP, which is usually made use of for sending out protected emails. The firm’s motto, still smudged throughout its internet site, is: One billion connections, absolutely no compromised.Ennetcom promotes specifically in the direction of company customers as well as lawyers, groups that could be able to manage the 1,500 price tag.Police say that arranged criminal activity suspects who supposedly utilized this phone are implicated of crimes including murder of competing lawbreakers in the nation.