President Obama’s summer playlist: a proud affirmation of his blackness


From Aloe Blaccs happy anthem to Mary J Blige and Method Mans ballad of love versus the chances, the presidents mixtape reminds us why we will miss him

Straight out of college, I dated a person from Washington DC who had actually simply invested a couple of years dealing with the redevelopment of public real estate tasks in Chicago. We satisfied at Harvard, where I was working as a receptionist at the department of Afro-American research studies, which was his focus for an academic degree. He was sincere and relaxed, good-looking and wise, with impressive taste in music (I will be permanently grateful to him for presenting me to Outkast in specific, Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik ). A light-skinned black guy with a palpable sense of racial pride, the guy Ill call Tim would periodically discuss with fondness a buddy hed made throughout his time in Chicago. The 2 had actually bonded over basketball and politics, race and identity, city government policy and social work. His pals name was Barack.

President Obama (@POTUS) August 11, 2016

Been waiting to drop this: summer season playlist, the repetition. Exactly what’s everyone paying attention to?

Now, do I understand for a truth that Tim had an impact on the presidents musical choices? No. Evaluating from Obamas summer season playlist, launched on Thursday , Im ready to presume that its not out of the concern. Both Tim and the president have white moms and black dads, while securely recognizing as black, rather than combined or biracial which, offered the present environment for black guys in America, is not an unfraught statement. Still, as Obama composed in his book Dreams From My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance , he didnt arrive over night, and he typically relied on buddies and books and black cultural markers for assistance.
Theres no black cultural marker more abiding than our music, and if Obamas playlist shows absolutely nothing else its that reaffirmation of ones blackness can constantly be discovered right there in the bars. It likewise strikes me that although he has actually been often slammed for his handling of race and policies concerning the general injustices experienced by black folks in America, amongst the most essential elements of his tradition is that he is going to leave that Oval Office as blackity black as he was when he went into. Which implies mic drops, a whole absence of fucks, and dope playlists.

From the daytime list, that includes Wale, Jidenna, Nina Simone and Prince, the standout here is Aloe Blaccs The Man, both since its a bonafide black males anthem Stand up now and deal with the sun/Wont conceal my tail or turn and run/Its time to do exactly what need to be done/Be a king when kingdom comes and due to the fact that Blacc is a nationwide treasure. Enough so that Im going to cut Obama some slack on the Sara Bareilles choice, and the Beach Boys too, not since these aren’t gifted singer/songwriters, nor since they are white (since lets be sincere, all music in America remains in some method affected by black music), however due to the fact that they are simply type of cheesy.

Most pleasing to see from the nighttime list is Ill Be There for You (Youre All I Need to Get By) by Method Man including Mary J Blige . Who amongst us of a specific age can forget the dark appeal and classy, superb feeling in the video for this tune Method in cornrows, Mary with her pail hat took down low over her eyes, simply the gloss of her lips constructing the lyrics, head bobbing, both resting on the pavement, backs to the wall surrounded by an enormous cityscape. Its the blackest, most wonderful, splendid display screen of sociability, commitment and love. There isn’t really a day that has actually passed with Obama in the White House that it hasn’t been resolutely clear that Michelle is all he has to manage: Back when I was nothing/You made a bro seem like he was something/Thats why Im with you to this day boo no fronting. We will miss them.

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