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Rabbit And Squirrel Gumbo


“font-family:;”tahoma, arial, helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 12px;”> If you informed me that I was just enabled to prepare one meal for the rest of my life exactly what would it be? The response for me is easy: Gumbo.

Gumbo is most likely the most flexible dispense there; no other meal can be so quickly customized for every single kind of wild video game. At its the majority of fundamental. there are peppers, onion, and celery with a dark nutty roux. After that you can basically include whatever you wish to it.

Lets start with the roux, a roux is absolutely nothing more that flour and oil. What type of oil refers individual choice. Numerous prefer to utilize peanut oil or butter. I prefer to utilize canola oil, however it actually does not matter. What matters is how dark you desire your roux to be.

When you blend you flour and oil and heat it up it will begin like a thick paste. That paste then develops into a light blonde, somewhat less thick paste. This is all the even more you require to go if all you desire to do is thicken stock to make a gravy or soup base.


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However, if you desire make a darker, richer stew or gumbo then you need to most likely break a beer or 3 due to the fact that youre going to be here for some time. The longer you prepare a roux, the darker it will get however you cant simply leave a roux on the range and stroll away It needs to be stirred often or it will mess up the taste and burn.

If you wish to make a dark, chocolate-colored roux, you may be dominating the range for an hour or more. For this gumbo I stirred my roux till it was the color of peanut butter which took about 45 minutes. You may be lured to turn the warm up high and attempt to hurry the procedure however that typically ends with a charred roux.

Medium-low heat with regular stirring is the method to go. When you have your roux made the rest of this meal is a breeze. You will require the holy trinity of cajun cooking: onions, celery and peppers. I utilize a 4-1-1 ratio of 4 cups of onions to 1 cup each of celery and green peppers. Depending upon your tastes, you can include basically of each and as much garlic as you desire. I utilized 6 cloves.

What you contribute to your gumbo is likewise a matter of individual choice. I have actually made gumbo with chicken and sausage and I have actually likewise made gumbo with muskrat and beaver. Break them down into quarters and utilize the entire quarter with the bones in if you’re utilizing little video game of any type of video game bird. You will get a much better item in the end. If you’re utilizing venison, elk or other huge video game animal, simply cube the meat up into 2-inch pieces. The cooking time for your gumbo has to do with 2 hours on a low simmer and any meat you put in will be fall-off-the-bone tender by the time its done.

Rabbit and Squirrel Gumbo

In a big frying pan, include some oil and begin browning the bunny and the sausage and squirrel

  • pieces. The video game meat does not need to be prepared all the method through simply a good brown on the exterior. Cut veggies into a ¼-inch dice and have prepared to go.

    Start making your roux. Include the flour and oil to a big stock pot and stir over medium-low heat till it reaches a peanut butter color. You can go darker if you would like. As soon as the roux reaches the color you desire, include the onion, celery, pepper, garlic, and the cajun flavoring. Prepare for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, include all the tomatoes, herbs and meats. Include the stock. Stir to integrate and after that restore as much as a boil.

    Once boiling, turn the heat down and simmer for 2 hours or up until the meat hurts. Taste your gumbo and season as wanted.

    Add the green onions and parsley, cover and simmer 5 minutes.

    Serve this with prepared white rice and your preferred hot sauce. I do not include a great deal of heat to the gumbo so that everybody can include their own.

    Serves 10-12 individuals.


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