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Image caption Acts like Adele and Coldplay guaranteed that British artists comprised 5 of the leading 10 best-sellers worldwide in 2015

The success of imitate Adele and Coldplay was inadequate to reverse a fall in income from taped music in 2015, market figures reveal.

One from every 6 albums offered all over the world was by a British artist , however the cash created for the UK economy dropped from 615m in 2014 to 610m.

The worth of live music likewise fell from 924m to 910m, UK Music stated.

However, the overall contribution of the UK music company to the British economy stayed fixed, at 4.1 bn.

Money made through publishing and licensing tunes to ads and movies assisted comprise the deficiency; while the cash made by British manufacturers and taping studios increased from 116m to 119m.

Overall, music market incomes grew simply 0.5% in 2015, falling back GDP development.

However, UK Music stated business was “strong” and “durable”, having actually taped development of 17% given that 2012, surpassing the economy as a whole.

“There is every indication that the taped sector will go back to development in 2016,” stated chairman Andy Heath, indicating the ongoing success of Adele’s album, in addition to increased vinyl sales and greater incomes from streaming services.

Recorded music incomes (source: UK Music)


Revenue 2012 634m

2013 618m 2014 615m 2015 610m

The cash produced by membership streaming – from the similarity Spotify, Google Play and Apple Music – jumped by 83m, from 168m to 251m. If free-to-access websites like YouTube paid fairer rates, #peeee

UK Music stated the figure would be greater.

“The profits from specific ad-funded digital services … efficiently cheapen our music,” stated Heath.

“The difficulty is to encourage all services to correctly value the remarkably talented music we provide.”

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