Samantha Bee on How Republicans Bent Over for Donald Trump


The host of TBS’s ‘Full Frontal with Samantha Bee’ took it to the facility GOP for swallowing their values/pride/words and backing The Donald. “>

We are one day far from understanding who the candidates are and 6 months far from the Sanders camp accepting the outcomes, revealed Samantha Bee Monday night.

The host of TBSs Full Frontal, which has actually quick ended up being necessary late-night watching on a par with her previous Daily Show associate John Olivers Last Week Tonight, ran an unique section on the eve of the last state primaries called, 2016 Primaries: What the F ** k Happened?

First came the Democrats. We got here due to the fact that black individuals are enabled to vote, stated Bee, previously rapidly proceeding to the Republican side where 18 months ago they ensured 2 things: there was going to be another uninteresting election, and Jeb Bush was going to be the candidate.

Unfortunately for the GOP facility, Jeb ended up being a weak candidateor low energy, to utilize the name provided to him by Donald Trump, the only individual who takes pleasure in providing individuals nicknames more than that kid you disliked in intermediate school or George W. Bush . And Hurricane Trump swept through the remainder of the jam-packed field, powered by an unusual mlange of insults, boasts, and braggadociooh, and about 3 billion dollars in complimentary marketing thanks to the cable television news networks who not just couldnt get enough of The Donald, however alleviated him with kid gloves small and pretty sufficient to fit around the ex-reality program hosts abnormally little hands.

So, Bee ran a supercut of facility Republicans shitting all over Trump in months past, consisting of Louisiana Governorand one-time governmental hopefulBobby Jindal(The genuine factor Im here today is he can not be the candidate), Florida Senator Marco Rubio(Were not going to enable a scam artist to take control of the celebration of Lincoln and Reagan), and Texas Governor Rick Perry (Donald Trumps candidateship is a cancer on conservatism and it have to be plainly identified, excised, and disposed of).


That principled #NeverTrump stand lasted right till Gods Fluffer [Ted Cruz] stop the race, joked Bee. Damn, you individuals rolled over faster than Melania Trump does after Donald dribbles out another unsatisfying midnight crotch tweet.

Indeed, when Cruz left of the governmental race on May 3rd, Trump ended up being the presumptive Republican candidate for president, and according to Bee, One by one, chosen Republicans showed up their collars and did the scuttle of shame into Trumps limountil lastly, naturally, the last domino fell.

That last domino was House Speaker Paul Ryan, the de facto face, voice, and abs of the Republican Party, who just recently stated hed be supporting Trumpdespite that hed been really crucial of him in the past, consisting of branding the property beneficiaries Muslim travel restriction not conservatism and not exactly what this celebration represents.

Hes! Trump isn’t really exactly what Republicans represent, stated Bee, hes exactly what they flex over for.

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