#SaysWho? You don’t want to know

(CNN) Donald Trump and his project are uneasy with the fact. Mr. Trump has actually made that clear throughout his project, and on Wednesday his primary counsel, Michael Cohen, stressed the point in a tense interview with CNN’s Brianna Keilar.

“You men are down,” Keilar stated.
      “Says who?”Cohen asked.
      ” Polls … the majority of them,”Keilar continued. Perhaps even”all them? “
      There was an uncommonly long silence enough time, possibly, for anybody paying attention to hear Trump’s survey numbers dropping even more, in genuine time, on live tv.

      “Says who?” Cohen asked once again.
      “Polls,” stated Keilar. “I simply informed you.”


      But exactly what do surveys matter, actually? Or a letter signed by lots of Republican nationwide security authorities and another one by 120 chosen authorities from every GOP administration considering that President Ronald Reagan, both opposing Trump?
      Apparently none of this matters. Realities and the viewpoints of others, Trump appears to believe, are useless.
      Says who?
      “I’m consulting with myself, primary,” Trump informs us. “Because I have an excellent brain and I’ve stated a great deal of traits.”
      And that, America, ought to frighten all of us.

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