Serving up healthy meals and hope


Sebastopol, California (CNN)Cathryn Couch thinks in the power of food to assist individuals recover. It’s something the expert chef found 10 years back.

Couch was asked to teach her good friend’s teenage child the best ways to prepare. She turned the cooking lessons into a distinct summer season job: preparing healthy meals for 3 households dealing with a major health crisis.


    We jokingly state youth pertained to Ceres for all sort of factors: They need to do social work hours. Their moms and dads believe it’s a great idea for them. Their good friend is working there. No matter why they come, we discover that they pick to remain on their own.
    The fact is, youth have the very same deep yearning that all of us doto be valued and to come from their neighborhoods.
    CNN: Aside from acquiring cooking abilities, how have you seen the youth take advantage of this experience?
    Couch: One of the most essential things that occurs for youths in the program is that customers concern go to, and they get to actually feel the effect that they’re making. It’s extremely various to see a name on a container and to understand abstractly that you’re preparing for somebody in requirement. When you’re sitting throughout from that individual and you hear their story and you hear everything they’re having a hard time with, and then they thank you personally for being there and for making this occur for themit truly moves how you see yourself. That’s the improvement that every young adult in our program has a chance to go as a result of.
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