Silvio Berlusconi faces sex and lies charges in seven cities across Italy


Courts will certainly attempt the disgraced former head of state and girls he is accused of paying off to lie under vow

Courts in seven cities across Italy will sign up with pressures to attempt billionaire Silvio Berlusconi and also the girls he is implicated of rewarding to lie under vow, a judge in Milan has ruled.

Prosecutors charge the former premier, 79, of perverting the course of justice by presumably paying professional dancers and culture ladies some 10 million euros for their silence over what took place at his Bunga sex parties.

He is believed of bathing them with revenue gifts as well as offers to get their statement in the run-up to as well as throughout his trial for paying for sex with dancer Karima El-Mahroug, a lot better referred to as Ruby the heart thief, when she was under 18.

The media mogul was away from that charge in 2013 yet district attorneys are pushing in advance with a brand-new corruption test including Berlusconi and also 30 other individuals connected to the exotic suppers he held at his several different extravagant residential properties.

Preliminary hearing court Anna Laura Marchiondelli divided the test between seven courts: Milan will certainly deal with the majority of the implicated, while courts in Monza, Pescara, Rome, Siena, Treviso and also Turin will certainly focus on solitary cases.

Marchiondellis ruling stated each cost must be dealt with in the cities where the declared corruption initially happened.

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