Sony confirms the PlayStation 4.5 is comingbut not to E3


E3 is beginning in 2 days, however Sony has actually currently dropped a significant piece of news: The PlayStation 4.5 is on the method.

The Financial Times reports that the system, codenamed Neo, is planned to be a compliment to the PS4, according to Sony CEO Andrew House. Specifications weren’t gone over beyond the system’s capability to support 4K resolution.

It’s a relatively sure thing that the beefed-up PS4 intends to support PlayStation VR . Home likewise pointed out that the Neo will cost more than the existing PS4, which both consoles will support the VR headset.

Documents that apparently reveal the brand-new hardware were leaked by Giant Bomb in April. According to them, the brand-new hardware will have a much better GPU, a greater clock speed, and much better bandwidth to handle memory. While there are enhancements, it’s worth keeping in mind that they are minor in contrast to the initial system.

House likewise verified that a huge bulk of online games” will likewise support the Neo, which might indicate a few of our PS4 favorites may look simply a bit much better soon.

Sadly, the Neo will not be revealed at E3 in 2012; nevertheless, Sony will reveal video games for PlayStation VR at the exposition. We can likely anticipate to see those online games showcased on the Neo in the future.

Rumors have actually been drifting around for a long time that Microsoft is likewise preparing a more powerful console which it might be revealed at in 2012’s E3. Apparently codenamed “Scorpio,” the console is apparently the exact same concept as the Neonot an entire brand-new gen, however merely an action up.

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