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Home News from Around the World Sony’s new Walkman will run you $3,200 | Fox News

Sony’s new Walkman will run you $3,200 | Fox News


An assistant provides the Sony walkman NW-WM1Z at the IFA Electronics display in Berlin, Germany Sept. 2, 2016. (REUTERS/Stefanie Loos)

How much would you spend for a Sony Walkman? Now double it. You’re still not even close. Engadget reports Sony introduced a $3,200 Walkman throughout IFA 2016 Thursday in Berlin.

Or as Mashable puts it: “Sony’s from its mind.” The brand-new NW-WM1Z is implied to attract incredibly major audiophiles. And the Verge reports the huge modifications remain in the hardware.

The Walkman is constructed of gold-plated copper to decrease magnetic disturbance and resistance. It likewise separates its analog and digital circuitry and consists of a “double clock circuit with low stage sound quartz oscillator.” And if any of that makes good sense to you, you may be the target consumer.

Sony’s pricey brand-new Walkman is “as large as an initial iPod,” according to Mashable, and includes a 4-inch touchscreen that “can be a little frightening” in the quantity of info in screens.

It boasts 256GB of storage and deals with Direct Stream Digital audio files, which have a sample rate 64 times much better than CDs. Still, Mashable “wasn’t blown away” by the sound quality.

And the Verge mentions all this will just lead to “small sound quality enhancements that just major audiophiles with similarly high-end earphones will see.” For everybody else, there’s this Walkman cassette gamer presently opting for $7.50 on eBay.

(A Florida guy desires $10 billion for creating the iPhone in 1992 .)

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