Stanford rape case: Inside the court documents

(CNN )A California judge’s choice to offer previous Stanford University swimmer Brock Turner a six-month prison sentence for sexually attacking a subconscious female has actually triggered a nationwide outcry.

Now, court files acquired by CNN’s “Legal View” group shed brand-new light on the troubling attack and Turner’s obvious history of alcoholic abuse and sexually aggressive habits.
Here are bottom lines from presentencing files that offer understanding into a case that got hold of nationwide interest :



    “We discovered him on top of the lady!”among the males stated. Turner gave off alcohol as he was handcuffed.
    One of the males later on informed authorities that Turner had actually been on top of the still lady.
    “Hey, she’s f —— subconscious!”among the guys screamed. Turner handled to get away quickly however the male tripped and later on tackled him. Turner was held down till deputies showed up.
    According to the probation file, Turner informed deputies that he left the frat home with the victim and they kissed.
    They wound up on the ground, where he eliminated the victim’s underclothing and he digitally permeated her for about 5 minutes, Turner informed deputies.”He rejected taking his trousers off and stated his penis was never ever exposed. “

    Victim was entirely unresponsive

    When police showed up, among the deputies, in a loud voice, asked the victim a number of times, “Can you hear me?”
    There was no reaction. Paramedics attempted a”shake and shout”method and used a physical discomfort stimulant. Still no reaction. As soon as however didn’t restore awareness, she threw up.


      Judge in Stanford rape case deals with reaction


    In an ambulance later on, a deputy aimed to wake her consistently, without success. There was still no reaction after an EMT stuck an IV needle in the girl’s arm.
    The victim lastly gained back awareness about 4:15 a.m. at a healthcare facility. Later on that early morning, medical professionals stated her blood alcohol concentration was 0.12%– and approximated her intoxication level at the time of the attack to be 0.22%.

    Aggressive sexual habits

    The sentencing memo stated that the victim’s sibling was “captured entirely off guard” when Turner aimed to kiss her the night of the attack. She informed a pal after Turner got her waist and later on selected him from a lineup as the “aggressive” guy at the celebration.
    After being two times turned down by her sis, Turner pursued the victim when she was “alone and inebriated.”
    Turner took the victim to a poorly lit, separated location and sexually attacked her behind a dumpster.
    “This habits is not common assaultive habits that you discover on school, however it is more similar to a predator who is looking for victim,” the district attorney composed.

    Prosecutor: Turner lied about his previous

    In the sentencing memo, the state said Turner lied to the probation department about his usage of drugs. He suggested that his very first time drinking was at a swim group celebration at Stanford.
    “Coming from a village in Ohio, I had never ever actually skilled commemorating or partying that engaged alcohol,” Turner informed a probation policeman, including that he was an “unskilled drinker and celebration goer.”
    But the proof on Turner’s mobile phone revealed he was a drinker who partied frequently given that high school, consisting of using cannabis and other drugs.
    “He was not sincere with the probation department or this Court about his experience with drinking and partying, similar to he was not genuine about benefiting from (redacted) … similar to he was not sincere with the after-effects of being captured by Good Samaritans.

    Turner’s previous alcohol ownership and phony ID arrest

    In mid-November 2014, Turner and a group of guys were seen by a deputy strolling on school and drinking beer.
    When the deputy approached the males, they escaped, according to the sentencing memo.
    “Stop, cops!” the deputy screamed a number of times. The males kept running. Another deputy cut off the guys and bought them on the ground.
    Turner later on confessed that he aimed to conceal the beer since he was under 21. Turner had a phony motorist’s permit in his property.
    After Turner’s arrest in connection with the 2015 sexual attack, detectives discovered proof of “extreme drinking and utilizing drugs” on his cellular phone: A picture of him smoking cigarettes from a pipeline; a close-up shot of a bong; a photo of Turner and a swimming colleague holding a bong; and a video of him taking a “bong struck” and drinking a bottle of alcohol.
    In addition, text suggested Turner utilized drugs while in high school and at Stanford, consisting of recommendations to acid in addition to a powerful and extremely focused kind of cannabis.

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