Taiwan’s first female president walks tightrope as she takes office


Taipei, Taiwan(CNN)When Tsai Ing-wen, Taiwan’s very first female president, takes workplace Friday, she will need to stabilize 2 extremely various sets of expectations– from those who elected her and a Chinese leadership that desires the island on a tight leash.


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< img alt ="taiwan "china kenya deportation matt rivers interview_00015010"class="media __ image" itemprop ="image"src="http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/160413092726-taiwan-china-kenya-deportation-matt-rivers-interview-00015010-large-169.jpg"/ >< div class =" video __ end-slate __ secondary "> Taiwan implicates China of’extrajudicial kidnapping’ Domestic difficulties At house, Tsai will need to concentrate on how she will restore a moribund economy– a crucial issue of a lot of her advocates. An obstacle will be to preserve cordial relations with a vibrantand skepticalcivil society while carrying out financial policies that will undoubtedly produce losers in some sectors of society. Is ROC flag scandal-embroiled vocalist getting home? Tsai and her premier, Lin Chuan, have actually brought in criticism for forming an old, male-dominated and technocratic Cabinet, which has actually drawn in heavy criticism from a society that anticipates modification. Tsai has actually played it safetoo safe, numerous would say.

With the stamina of her required, Tsai might take the chance making Taiwan the very first nation in Asia to legislate same-sex unions, a step that, though opposed by a really vocal, and mostly Christian, minority, need to lastly be obtainable after years of stalled efforts. < div class="zn-body __ paragraph" > For Mr Wu, a bike service technician in Taipei, relations with Beijing are hardly worth a reference. < div class="zn-body __ paragraph" > “She has to repair our economy,” he firmly insists. “It’s been bad.” < div class="zn-body __ paragraph" > Read more: < a href="http://www.cnn.com/2016/05/19/asia/taiwan-president-tsai-ing-wen-takes-office/index.html" target =" _ blank" rel="nofollow" > http://www.cnn.com/2016/05/19/asia/taiwan-president-tsai-ing-wen-takes-office/index.html