Taylor Swift “Entirely Focused” on Making New Music as She Continues Break From Spotlight


Taylor Swift “Entirely Focused” on Making New Music as She Continues Break From Spotlight

You may not be able to see her, but you may be able to hear Taylor Swift sooner rather than later.

As the Grammy winner continues to live her life away from the public eye, many fans are wondering what their favorite singer has been up to.

While she may not be active on social media or showing up to red carpets, E! News has learned that Taylor is focused on making new music.

“Taylor has been writing and recording her new album in Nashville for the last several months,” a source shared with E! News exclusively. “She has been working on it around the clock and will be making an announcement soon. She is really excited about her new music and can’t wait to share it with her fans.”

Our insider added, “She has been entirely focused on that and not much else. She has been 100 percent dedicated to making music the last few months and that’s it.”

On Wednesday evening, Taylor surprised followers when she took to Instagram and showed her support for a few close friends. In her post, the “Shake It Off” singer expressed her love for HAIM‘s new song “Want You Back.”

“On. Repeat. Til. The. End. Of. Time‼” Taylor captioned the picture just two months after showing her support for Lorde‘s new single “Green Light.”

While music remains one of her top priorities this season, the “Blank Space” singer has stayed in touch with those closest to her.

In addition to sending close friend Gigi Hadid flowers on her birthday, Taylor “has spent some time with her family and friends” amid a busy work schedule.

Once the album is complete, however, Swifties may be able to see a few gatherings with a few familiar faces.

“She is really looking forward to finishing the record and being able to have some down time to reconnect with her friends,” our source added.


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Riverdale Finally Reveals Who Killed Jason Blossom: See How the Cast Reacted

 Warning, the following article contains major spoilers about Riverdale‘s May 4 episode. If you’ve yet to watch or don’t want to know who killed Jason Blossom, click away or face the wrath of Cheryl Blossom.

In the penultimate episode of the CW hit, Jason Blossom’s killer was finally revealed: Clifford Blossom (Barclay Hope), his own father. And you thought your family was messed up!

E! News was on the Riverdale set for the filming of next week’s season one finale, and when we weren’t busy drinking all the milkshakes at Pop’s, we got the cast to reveal what they thought of the murder mystery’s shocking conclusion. 

“I wasn’t too surprised,” KJ Apa admitted, saying he and some of the other cast members “were feeling it” as they were filming the episodes.

While Cole Sprouse thought “it was fitting” for it to be Clifford, he admitted to not being “too surprised” by the reveal. 

“There was a bit of surprise, but I had said the last 13 episodes for all of us on the cast has been us exercising theories on just about every character in the show as a potential suspect,” he said. “Because it has to be at least one of the characters, when it does happen, you’re like, oh, I see now. Was I too surprised? Maybe not.”  

Camila Mendes had also “had definitely considered” Clifford to be the killer before, but was still “completely taken aback” by the reveal. “Mostly because of the relationship to Jason,” she explained. “So I knew it, but I was like, ‘God, really?!'”

No one on the cast knew who the killer was heading into the table-read for the episode, not even Barclay Hope, with Camila telling us, “We were all finding out together…not even [Barclay] knew when we read it and it was scandalous! We all made a pact, like, we can’t skip to the end, so we have to find out as we read it. It was awesome.”

Heading into the finale, you can expect Cheryl to handle the reveal exactly as you’d imagine, Madelaine Petsch teased.

“The first thing I went into was like overdrive, like how does Cheryl handle all this information…and then reading the rest of 13 and realizing not really well,” she spilled. “And it drives her more off the cliff. I’m actually really happy about that because the more crazy the better for me. I like playing the crazy girl!”

To hear more from the cast about the big reveal, watch the video above. 

Riverdale‘s finale airs next Thursday at 9 p.m. on the CW.


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