The media’s hypocrisy on Gary Johnson


(CNN)Is Gary Johnson certified to run for president? Let’s discuss that, however initially let’s discuss this:

Two weeks earlier, the foreign affairs choose committee of the British House of Commons launched a in-depth, damning report about among Hillary Clinton‘s signature accomplishments as secretary of state: The 2011 US/UK/French-led military intervention into Moammar Gadhafi’s Libya, which was offered as a need to avoid (in President Barack Obama’s words ) “a massacre that would have resounded throughout the area.”


      Weld on Aleppo gaffe: ‘Quite a minute on tv’


    So yes, it was a bad day for the most effective third-party prospect given that H. Ross Perot. To paraphrase the late, excellent Paul Harvey, did you ever hear the rest of the story? After Johnson’s rambling brain-freeze, his vice governmental candidate, William Weld, bailed him out by choosing for a deserving present foreign leader Germany’s Angela Merkel. A contestable option, to be sure, however no matter: Who did Clinton and Trump choose when asked the exact same concern on Thursday? Would you think … Angela Merkel?
    So congratulations, media, we’ve simply invested a couple news cycles making excellent hay over a gotcha concern that the 3 leading White House tickets mostly responded to with the very same name.
    It’s helpful to be advised that America’s still-dominant, two-party hierarchy has far more to do with the quirks of power than the compound of concepts. That makes sense, when you recognize how poor our governing concepts continue to be, especially on diplomacy.

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