The Wild Fun of Paris Couture Week


The designs were sophisticated. The beading was lavish. The lovely and abundant gathered there. The dividing line in between ugly and stylish was blurred at Paris’ couture programs.”>

PARIS Does high couture represent the dumbing down of style? It'’s a concern one discovers oneself asking after a week of being pounded by the sight of sequins, beads and all things that shine, throughout Couture Week, which covered here in the French capital Wednesday night.

Many designers state that couture , unlike the unrelenting ready-to-wear, resort or perhaps mens collections, are where they can reveal themselves, experiment and be really innovative.

His bridal gown, which was made from champagne-colored lace, and included a four-meter train decorated in beads and crystals, was shimmering and so glittering that it made all potential princesses dreams become a reality immediately, simply by taking a look at it.

But it got my feminist blood increasing quick. Does couture have to be as glittering and foolish as this?

Murad called the collection Boho Rapture, and he explained in his program keeps in mind a fairy tale queen with a taste for Bohemia as his muse. Fairy tales are excellent, however isn’t really this simply buying patriarchal rubbish? And why are bridal gown still so appropriate that some small member of the design group needed to invest years of their life sticking sequins onto a gown?

Moreover, how could any guy or marital relationship potentially measure up to the enjoyment of using the gown?

The response to a few of these concerns may lie not in Murads Arabian Nights dream, however in the tastes of real-life Arabian princesses from whom a lot of these designers make their support, even if paid in myrrh and gold.

Haute couture, at its finest or in its most standard type, may or must represent the really opposite to ugly. It must be the apotheosis of downplayed French taste, and the best of workmanship. It is all handmade, after all, over hundreds and often countless hoursbut it appears with particular designers to be entering the reverse instructions.

Maybe more youthful designers have a tough time mastering this art and craft, or possibly taste has all however vanished?

Just as observers of high couture appear to fall under 2 or 3 camps (those with taste, those with no, and those between), so too do the designers. There are those that do great deals of sequins, those that produce modern-day art, those that make stunning clothes appearance uncomplicated, and those that fall someplace between.

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