Theresa May sidesteps question about 995 leather trousers


Reporter asks prime minister if costly clothes used for photoshoot reveals her range from public

Theresa May has actually been challenged over her choice to use a 995 set of leather pants for a paper photoshoot by a press reporter on a flight to Bahrain , however avoided the concern to insist she was working for everybody in Britain. When photographed by the Sunday Times last month, #peeee

The prime minister was questioned after it emerged she used the pants and a set of 295 Burberry fitness instructors.

May was likewise questioned about her option of goose for Christmas supper instead of a standard turkey, however responded that her style options or joyful menu did not suggest she was far-off from the public.

Giving an appearance of moderate exasperation, May reacted: I based on the actions of Downing Street and stated exactly what I did about the value of a nation that works for everybody due to the fact that thats what I have actually spoken with individuals as Ive walked around the nation, as Ive fulfilled individuals in an entire range of situations.

I think it is very important for political leaders to obtain out and about and thats exactly what I continue to. It is necessary we have a nation that works for everybody.

Over the weekend, Nicky Morgan, the previous education secretary who was sacked by May, stated the pants had actually been discovered and gone over in regional Tory circles. I do not have leather pants. I do not believe Ive ever invested that much on anything apart from my bridal gown, Morgan stated.

On Tuesday, the Conservative MP Nadine Dorries rounded on Morgan for criticising Mays gown sense, indicating that a male political leader would get no such criticism.

Calling the previous education secretary sacked Nicky Morgan, Dorries tweeted:

December 6, 2016

In her interview with the Sunday Times in November , May stated she did not have a stylist however took style guidance from her spouse, Philip. Hes proficient at devices, too, she stated, especially proficient at picking bags and bracelets for presents, and proficient at flowers.

On Monday, the Radio Times released an interview where the prime minister exposed that she chose goose for Christmas supper, enjoying Doctor Who over the joyful season and paying attention to Radio Berkshire at nights prior to bed.

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