This Iconic '90s Sandal Is Back–and Has Kristin Cavallari Circa Laguna Beach Written All Over It


This Iconic '90s Sandal Is Back–and Has Kristin Cavallari Circa Laguna Beach Written All Over It

Kristin Cavallari‘s favorite shoes from her Laguna Beach days are back—woo!

Just when we thought the fashion world had put a cap on ’90s revival trends (crop tops, chokers, etc.), Steve Madden lays a big one on us—and if you’re a ’90s baby, it hits home.

Everyone from the Spice Girls to Naomi Campbell (and basically every It girl of that era) owned a pair, but the most nostalgic perhaps was the sandal’s appearance on Kristin’s hit reality show. (Talk about a #FBF.) And now, thanks to the shoe brand, the iconic flatform sandal has been re-released. 

Now, there have been a few adjustments made to the 2017 version. Mainly, the minor wedge our beloved OG slide had has now been flattened, the fabric that lays over the top of your foot’s texture seems to be more smooth and there’s a stylized line that rims the bottom of the shoe’s sole. It’s only natural for the retailer to give the sandal an upgrade—we bet you’ll be seeing these on the likes of Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid (maybe even Rihanna) sometime soon.

Steve Madden Slinky, $70

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Published at Fri, 21 Apr 2017 17:56:58 +0000

Jersey Shore Stars Reveal Their Idea For a Reunion–Kids Included

It’s time to GTL. Again.

OK, Jersey Shore fans, take a look around and make sure no one is within arm’s distance of you because we’ve got some news that might just make you spontaneously fist pump: The cast is down for an onscreen reunion and even talk about what it would look like.

“We always said that we would take a nice vacation with each other for like 10-14 days. Nothing more because we’d end up killing each other,” Jennifer “JWoww” Farley told E! News at the premiere of Fire Island, Logo’s new reality show, debuting on April 27. “And if we’re married or have kids, they’d have to be there because we can’t miss them! But no more than like 14 days because we’d probably go back to our old days. I’m old now, I can’t handle a hangover like I did.”

Vinny Guadagnino is also down for a reunion, telling us, “Why not? I would do anything that would entertain people…and that would not make me look like a complete idiot!”

Though Jersey Shore ended its six-season run in 2012, it sounds like the cast dynamic hasn’t changed much, with Vinny revealing, “We do reminisce, sometimes we get on group chats together and talk and stuff. And when we talk to each other, it’s about, like, who clogged the toilet! It’s still regular petty stuff!”

As for Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola, she told us she still goes to the shore…and often runs into one of her cast members there.

“I still live in Jersey and I’m a fan of the shore, I still go down with my friends,” she said. “I see Vinny there sometimes in the summer, so it’s kind of like even though we’re older, nothing’s really changed. I would totally do it again.”

Are you listening, MTV?

But who does Sammi think might not be so into the idea of returning toJersey Shore? Press play on the video above to find out!

Fire Island premieres Thursday, April 27 on Logo. 


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