This Is How You Love Someone


Be sincere.

Have the discussion. State the good thing. Kiss them: on their forehead, on that area behind their ear that sends out goosebumps throughout their body, on their dry lips, when you both stir in the darkness.

Know that you do not come from them, nor they to you. Your residency in their heart is not kept by right, not by some terrific puppetry of deep space,

Your listening. Your understanding. How your eyes trap theirs with impassioned favour. If you’ve ever liked a face as much as theirs, #peeee


Be curious.

Give yourself to them, raw and susceptible. Share stories and concepts and viewpoints and silly little in jokes. Ask concerns: dig deep into their remarkable, gritty soul. Human beings are ever-growing, ever-changing. There are couple of things more stunning than believing you’ve found the everything of an individual then coming across something more. Something higher, still.

Be there at 2pm. And 2am. When they’re chuckling a lot they virtually urinate on the flooring. When they’re having a hard time making the choice. When they’re maimed by doubt or unhappiness or the damn fucking horrible problem of a mental health problem. When you do not understand exactly what to state, even.

Scrawl a note to thank them. For respecting next door’s young puppy. For being your greatest cheerleader. For being all the remarkable things that they are. Feel fortunate that you get to be along with them: this terrific individual, so completely imperfect. Use that advantage like a badge of honour.

Take experiences.

Discover a piece of the world together. Get naked. Develop forts. Chase sundowns. When you drive for 3 hours and do not make it in time, Laugh like little kids. Laugh. At this unusual life. At the odd things that occurred that day. At each other.

Never anticipate them to finish you. with your ideas and organs and wild dreams and huge concepts and hairy toes. Realise that yes, you have to enjoy them with the max of hearts, however you need to like yourself too.

Embroider stunning words into the air in between you. Leave them yearning for that next best sentence. Leave them yearning.

Choose attempting, constantly. And that’s exactly what love is about since that’s exactly what love is.

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