Twickenham prepares for its NFL debut: mascots, merchandise and Craig David


Rugbys ultra-traditional spiritual house phases its very first NFL match on Sunday New York Giants v LA Rams. Its going to be rather a culture shock

Gentile Twickenham wont have seen anything like this?

Theyve had Beyonc, Iron Maiden and 55,000 Jehovahs Witnesses however no, absolutely nothing rather like this. Walls have actually been knocked through, theres brand-new branding, pyrotechnics, cheerleaders, an LED wall, supersized locker-rooms, roadway closures and Craig David doing a pre-game program (and hes normally cooling on a Sunday). Theres even a tailgate celebration in the parking lot.

A what?

Instead of the standard middle-class tweed and champagne picnic scene, residents and fans can delight in a United States custom outside the ground: an NFL-themed fan town from 9.30 am, with bars, mascots, merchandise-buying chances, autographs from NFL alumni, on-stage cheerleaders and food. Great deals of food.

Doesnt NFL belong at Wembley?

Jacksonville Jaguars beat the Indianapolis Colts 30-27 there previously this month however the RFU did an offer in 2015 with the NFL to include Twickenham to the London lineup a minimum of 3 video games over 3 years. From 2018 the brand-new White Hart Lane signs up with the list too.