Two killed in stabbing attack at shopping mall and home in Massachusetts

Police state a male stabbed two people at a residence south of Boston, then collapsed a vehicle via a Macys shop and also stabbed 2 other individuals at the shopping center

2 individuals have been eliminated in strikes at a purchasing shopping mall and also a residence in Massachusetts, and the suspect additionally is dead. State cops state a guy stabbed 2 individuals at a house in Taunton on Tuesday, about 40 miles south of Boston, after that collapsed a car through the front of a Macys store at the Silver City Shopping center and stabbed two other people at the mall. Its vague which victims have actually died.

Authorities state an off-duty law enforcement officer shot and killed the suspect. Witnesses reported a disorderly scene.

A motive for the assaults stays under examination.

Authorities say the suspect likewise may have been associated with an earlier auto accident on the road where the initial stabbings took place.

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