Two zoo lions shot and killed after mauling ‘suicidal’ naked man


Man seriously hurt after entering animals enclosure and removing clothing at Metropolitan Zoo in Santiago, Chile

Two lions were eliminated after they seriously whipped a guy who entered their enclosure and removed naked in an evident suicide effort, authorities stated.

The male was required to a neighboring health center for treatment and was stated to be in severe condition.

Alejandra Montalba, director of Santiagos Metropolitan Zoo, determined regional media the park had actually been crowded with visitors at the time of the occurrence.

The 20-year-old guy got into the enclosure, removed his clothing and delved into the middle, terrible other visitors who saw the attack. Zookeepers eliminated the 2 lions in order to conserve his life.

The zoo has a recognized method since individuals lives are crucial to us, stated Montalba, including that there had actually been no fast-acting tranquilisers readily available to stop the lions from trampling the guy. She stated she was deeply impacted by the deaths of the 2 lions, a woman and a male.

An obvious suicide note was discovered in the guys clothes, stated Metropolitan Park director Mauricio Fabry. Witness reported he likewise made spiritual pronouncements.

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