US Marines seek presence in Norway amid Russian tensions


Washington (CNN) Norway might quickly host a rotational force of United States Marines– a relocation that might send out a chill down Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spinal column.

The American demand, verified in a declaration from the commander of Marine forces in Europe, comes as stress in between the United States and Russia are increasing amidst the humanitarian catastrophe in Syria and United States assertions of Russian participation in cyber hacks on American political companies and people.
      ” We take pleasure in an extremely close relationship with the Norwegian Armed Forces and a restricted rotational existence in Norway would definitely improve this relationship and our capability to run together,” Maj. Gen. Niel E. Nelson, leader of United States Marine Corps Forces Europe and Africa, stated in a declaration to CNN.
      “If authorized by the Norwegian federal government, a Marine Corps existence in Norway will increase NATO’s capability to quickly aggregate and utilize forces in northern Europe,” the declaration continued.


      The story was reported previously by the Marine Corps Times and
      Tensions about Russia’s posture in Europe have actually increased following the Russian addition of Crimea in 2014, following Putin’s intervention in eastern Ukraine.
      The United States and its NATO allies have actually because increased their existence, in addition to support to Poland and the nations on the Baltic Sea.
      Earlier this year, members of the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade trained in Norway together with soldiers from other NATO nations in Exercise Cold Response.
      The Norwegian federal government is presently examining the United States proposition. “We still have to let the Norwegian federal government make this choice prior to talking about any information,” Nelson stated.
      Lars Gjemble, a representative for the Norwegian defense ministry, stated in a declaration, “The Unites States is a close and long-lasting ally to Norway. United States involvement in military workouts and training in Norway is one component in this close and enduring security policy relationship. Factors to consider about ways to customize allied workout activity in Norway is a constant effort. A minimal rotational United States Marine Corps existence in Norway is a possible choice presently being thought about. Although discussion has actually been continuous at the military level, the procedure at the political level is still continuous, and at this time it would be early to talk about the possible application of such an activity.”

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