Usain Bolt: My sport needs me to win Olympic gold


(CNN)With dark clouds hanging over the Olympic Games, Usain Bolt prepares to illuminate Rio 2016.

The world‘s fastest guy is bidding for an extraordinary “triple triple” of gold medals in Brazil, intending to end up being the very first professional athlete to win the 100- and 200-meter in addition to the 4×100-meter relay title at 3 successive Games.



    Bolt cut an unwinded figure as he consulted with reporters on the 12th flooring of a London hotel, revealing no indications of insecurity after a discouraging year up until now.

    He was displaced of the 200-meter last at this month’s Jamaican trials with a torn hamstring, although Bolt had actually clocked a time of 9.88 seconds over 100 meters in June.
    Insisting he’s feeling no ill impacts from the injury, Bolt states he can still run faster than he’s ever ran prior to … over 200 meters a minimum of.
    “No, I do not personally believe so,” he responded when asked if his record-breaking days lagged him.
    “I believe the 100, for me, is constantly going to be harder since it’s so technical,” Bolt discussed. “It’s everything about me getting an excellent start and performing ideal and things like that.
    “But I believe constantly, in 200, there’s space for running much faster. I truly desire to attempt to go after the 200-meter world record this year.”

    With Bolt set to turn 30 on the last day of competitors at the Games, track and field is confronting that he cannot go on permanently.
    He confesses that his body is beginning to feel the pressure which it takes longer to recuperate from injuries. One day, sports will need to wave bye-bye to his “Lightning Bolt” salute.
    Bolt has actually formerly recommended he will retire after the 2017 World Championships and he forecasts it might be a while prior to sport sees another professional athlete as fast as he.
    “For me, she’s the supreme professional athlete,” states Bolt of the 29-year-old. “I’ve constantly appreciated her, we’ve come through the ranks together, through high school and everything, so I understand exactly what she’s been through.
    “She’s shown it over and over once again. I keep in mind after she doubled in Russia (winning 100- and 200-meter gold at the 2013 Moscow World Championships) she asked me, ‘How do you do it?’ and I was like, ‘Yo, if you wish to be the very best, you’ve got to step up and do terrific things.’
    “So it’s something she’s discovering and she’s working to be the very best.”
    And Bolt would enjoy to see her beat him into the history books.
    “Of course, as a fellow Jamaican, it’s constantly terrific to see Jamaicans win,” he stated.
    Something Fraser-Pryce can never ever eliminate from Bolt is the position of “fastest male on the planet,” a title he’s grown keen on hearing.
    “It’s quite cool!” he stated. “At very first it was like, ‘Yeah, whatever. I’m simply pleased to win gold medals.’ The more you get utilized to it and individuals state it more, then I begin hanging out with my good friends and I see a footballer and I’m like ‘Yo, I’m the fastest guy in the world.'”
    Explaining himself, Bolt concludes: “(With) footballers, you need to dispute who’s the very best.
    “But nobody can dispute who’s the fastest guy worldwide.”

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