Victor Cruz: racist graffiti directed at Whitlock a sign of modern America


Giants pass receiver states that the racist graffiti scrawled over his team-mate Nikita Whitlocks house throughout a break-in is unsurprising in modern America

New York Giants pass receiver Victor Cruz states that the racist graffiti scrawled over his team-mate Nikita Whitlocks house throughout a theft is unsurprising in contemporary America.

Whitlocks house was gotten into for the 2nd time in a month on Tuesday night and graffiti consisting of a swastika, the n-word, KKK and Trump was left on the walls. Whitlock was required to cover a few of the mottos in sheets to secure his 2 kids. The burglary is being dealt with as a hate criminal activity, inning accordance with the Record .

I believe its absolutely a direct reflection of how this nation is being run and how this nation is responding possibly to a few of the choices and a few of the manner ins which this nation is being run and the important things that are being stated by the individuals at the helm of this nation and at the helm of our daily lives, stated Cruz.

From social networks all the method approximately the White House, these are things that are being mentioned and discussed daily, the great and the bad more so the bad at this moment today since thats all we need to deal with. Its simply a regrettable circumstance that were going through today.

Cruz has actually been important of President-elect Donald Trump in the past and stated the event was a sign of the method a few of his fans believe. I believe theres a particular frame of mind that includes supporting a man like Donald Trump and supporting exactly what he represents, and theres a particular kind of individual that includes that, stated Cruz, who included that other Trump fans were encouraged not by bias however by a desire for modification. Im unsure that individual is constantly a positive-minded individual, if you understand exactly what I imply. Youve simply got to take care.

As a minority, you need to beware, as an individual of impact you need to beware and youve simply got to ensure your household is safe and provide the understanding that they have to remain safe in this world.

Cruz matured in Paterson, New Jersey, near the website of the break in and stated that had it had actually impacted him on an individual level. Definitely. Thats exactly what is most stunning to me about this particular event with Nikita Whitlock, Cruz stated. Its simply 20 minutes from where I matured. This might have quickly taken place in Paterson. It might have quickly taken place in Clifton or Passaic or Lyndhurst even for that matter. This might have occurred anywhere.

To see something like that occur around here and to take place the manner in which it did: getting into a house, the vandalism … Nikita has kids. Hes got to discuss that to his kids. Not ideal now. 5 years from now, 10 years from now when they ask, Hey, Dad, keep in mind when that occurred? They need to address those concerns. He needs to respond to those concerns to his kids. Its regrettable. Nobody ought to need to go through that.

Cruz, who has actually bet the Giants his whole profession, stated he was not fretted about any unfavorable response to his remarks. Thats great with me, he stated. Im comfy with that. Im comfy with individuals responses to that. Thats my viewpoint, thats my frame of mind, thats the method I believe, so Im not disturbed at anyone else that believes otherwise.

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