Vladimir Putin’s party winning in Russian parliamentary elections


Moscow(CNN)Russian President Vladimir Putin’s United Russia celebration is winning Sunday’s parliamentary elections, in spite of the existence of numerous opposition prospects on the tally.

Russia’s Central Election Commission reported United Russia prospects are winning in 136 constituencies, after having actually counted tallies from about 11% of the regional commissions, according to state news company TASS.
    In a stunt throughout the live procedures, a pro-Kremlin prospect planted a United States flag on Kasyanov’s lectern, yelling that it was a tip which nation’s interests Russia’s opposition safeguarded.
    But Kasyanov states the reality he was on state tv at all is exactly what is very important.
    Up till that argument, he stated, he had actually not been welcomed to appear on nationwide tv for almost a years.
    “It’s outraging some individuals, however others are beginning to get up,” stated Kasyanov states. “They get up and state it is possible– even in a scenario where everything appears to be under overall control of Putin– to appear on the very first channel.
    “And they began believing that something might be altered in the nation.”

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