Woman badly injured in suspected California shark attack


Lifeguards closed down Corona Del Mar state beach after attack on swimmer who suffered big bite marks on her upper torso and shoulder

Lifeguards closed down a Southern California beach on Sunday after a swimmer was pulled hurt from the water with bite marks in a possible shark attack, authorities stated.

The lady, swimming in a wetsuit, was found in distress by a lifeguard boat at Corona Del Mar State Beach about 4 pm, city of Newport Beach spokesperson Tara Finnigan stated.

The female had big bite marks on her upper torso and shoulder and was bleeding greatly. When she was taken the medical facility however did not understand any more about her condition, #peeee

Finnigan spokened the lady was mindful and breathing.

Lifeguards cleared the water from the state beach to the Newport Pier, a stretch of over 2 miles.

It will be closed down a minimum of up until early morning while authorities with assistance from a cops helicopter search for a shark or other animal that assaulted the female.

The female was swimming about 100m offshore, simply outside the buoys marking a secured swimming location, near the location where boats can take a trip.

We have a great deal of triathletes and long-distance swimmers who utilize this beach for training, lifeguard Battalion Chief Rob Williams informed KTTV-TV.

The lifeguards who saw the lady saw the tail end of the attack and rapidly eliminated any sort of boating or boat mishap, Williams spokened.

There have actually been no current reports of sharks in the location, he spokened.

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