10 places to go on a British road trip this fall

A recent study published 10 popular British road trips.

Scotland’s North Coast 500 was voted Britain’s best road trip and Scottish routes took the top two spots.

One-third of Britons say they are happy to drive more than usual to stay.

In a study by Euro Car Parts, 2,000 drivers were asked which UK road trip they were most interested in and found that Scotland’s Epic North Coast 500 (31%) was the most popular drive in the country.

As the trees begin to show their autumn subtleties and when the weather is still warm it’s a great time to experience the experience of offering a British road trip and a road trip is a great way to get out and explore the terrific holiday trail. Other parts of the country.

The study asked the UK public what their favorite road trips were in the country and what they collected the following 10 most popular, so they could know their covered areas and what makes them special.

1) North Coast 500, 516 miles:

An epic road trip around the north coast of Scotland. Starting from the highland city of Inverness, the route travels along the coastline to the Applecross before heading north. You’ll cross beaches and strange fishing villages, as well as the impressive Kylescu Bridge, before reaching John and Grotz, the northernmost tip of the mainland.

The route crosses the Danrobin Castle in a circle again and returns to Inverness, starting at the same place before it begins.

The trip is arranged with beautiful fishing villages and impressive forts and is perfect for nature lovers who will enjoy the rustic beauty of the coast. It’s best to give yourself at least several days to enjoy the full beauty of the route, and you can take more time to extend your trip and visit locations from the historic route, such as catching a ferry to the Orkney Islands.

Glenfin Viaduct

Glenfin Viaduct

2) Isle of Sky, 91 miles from Ben Nevis:

Starting from Fort William, in the shadow of Ben Nevis, the journey traverses through the highlands to snakes, crossing the magical Glenfinan Viaduct in the streets that will be familiar to Harry Potter movie fans.

The route then crosses to Sky Island before ending in the town of Portri, the island’s largest city.

This road trip boasts incredible scenery and is perfect for those who enjoy the outdoors, while Harry Potter fans will recognize the Glenfinan Viaduct from the movie. A week will allow you to experience the whole outdoors, including getting a sense of rural life in the skies, including hiking in Ben Nevis.

3) Atlantic Highway, 125 miles:

Starting at Barnstaple, this road trip travels along the Devon and Cornwall coastlines before ending at Lands End.

Along the way, you’ll pass through famous Cornish fishing towns, such as Padsto and St. Ives, as well as the holiday hotspots in Newquay. The route allows you to visit the legendary castle of Tintagel, which is believed to be the seat of King Arthur.

This makes the route ideal for fans of history and allows you to experience the best of Devon and Cornish culture, while food lovers can enjoy amazing fresh seafood. You can spend up to two weeks traveling on this route, stay long in some beautiful town along the way and enjoy the best of the coast.

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4) Ulswater to Windermere, 37 miles:

Traveling the Idlik Lake District, this road trip captures some stunning natural beauty as it travels from Ulswater to Windermere.

You’ll start in Ulswater before heading to Keswick via Grassmeyer. From Keswick, you head west to the town of Windermere and the lake of the same name.

The route is suitable for fans of natural beauty, or those who want to enjoy the quiet life of the cities of this region. There is an opportunity for adventure seekers and fans of outdoor activities to experience a more active side during the holidays, thanks to the lake water sport and plenty of hiking routes.

You’ll be able to experience short road trips in less than a week, spend a few days in Keswick or Windermere and explore the surrounding area.

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5) Yorkshire Circuit, 101 miles:

Traveling through Moors and Dales in Yorkshire, the journey begins in the town of Harrogate and travels to Reith via Grassington.

From here you travel to the house house of the famous Wensleydale Creamery, before returning to your starting point through the ruins of Jarvlox Abbey and the cathedral town near Ripon.

The trip offers time lovers of the natural beauty of the region as well as history lovers at Harrogate and the nearby UNESCO World Heritage Site Fountains Abbey. Food lovers can visit the house’s famous Wensleydale Creamery. To get the best experience on this route you need to give yourself three to four days or more and allow yourself to see other nearby locations like the medieval city of York.

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Snowdonia National Park

Snowdonia National Park

6) From Snowdonia to Angles, 64 miles:

Starting next to the picturesque village of Betus y Quay, it is another route for lovers of natural beauty, including waterfalls, mountains and beaches.

Before heading to the medieval city of Kernarfon, you will travel through the spectacular Snowdonia National Park, which will cross the base of the imposing Snowdon.

From here, you’ll drive to Holyhead and finish the route before heading to Angles via the iconic Menai Suspension Bridge.

This journey is ideal for history lovers, crossing the fascinating Caernarfon castle and crossing the Menai suspension bridge, while also providing the natural beauty of Snowdonia. Even for those in need of a resting vacation there is something here, with Anglesey offering beautiful beaches.

You should plan to spend a week on this trip to get the most out of the route and what it offers.

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7) Brackon Beacon and the coast of South Wales, 204 miles:

Starting from Cardiff’s capital, Welsh, the route travels through the famous Black Mountain Pass (A4069) with the Brecon Beacon before heading east to the town of Carmarthen.

From here, you head further east to St. David, the smallest town in the UK and home to spectacular beaches and scenery. You will then travel north along the Welsh coastline, passing fishing towns and villages like Fishguard, before ending your journey to the town of Eberistwith.

This route is suitable for patrol heads, Black Mountain Pass is considered one of the best driving roads in the country. There are plenty of offers along the route from the beach side, where there are several beautiful towns and villages that can stop you along the way.

8) Snake Pass and Peak District, 56 miles:

You will start this route in Chesterfield before heading to the Peak District to visit the home of the famous Beckwell Tart, the picturesque town of Beckwell. You will then head to the larger city of Buxton with its stunning architecture.

Next, go to the beauty spot of Bamford Edge, where you can take in your stunning surroundings. Finally, head to Gloucester along the famous driving road to Snake Pass.

This road trip includes the driving thrill of Snake Pass, which makes it perfect for petrolheads, while anyone can enjoy the natural beauty and scenery located in the Peak District and the beautiful architecture of the cities. You can enjoy most of what this route can enjoy on the weekends.

Connie Castle

Connie Castle

9) The dragon’s spine, 222 miles:

Traveling north from the south coast of Wales, this route takes both Brecon Beacon and Snowdonia and is characterized by castles and other attractions.

Start in Cardiff before heading north, again with the Black Mountain Pass. You will then follow the A470 in North Wales through Snowdonia and leave the famous castle city of Conway before ending in Landudno.

With castles, natural beauty and great driving roads, this route is great for most people and provides some of what people can enjoy. It will take you less than a week to get the most out of the route.

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Giant Causeway

Giant Causeway

10) Causeway coastal route, 127 miles:

Taking a breathtaking northern Irish coastline, the route begins in the trendy city of Belfast before reaching the coast near Larn. You will then travel to the beautiful coastline Balika Castle.

After Ballycastle, you’ll spend some time before exploring the mysterious Dark Hedges, as well as the iconic Giants Causeway, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Choleraine tour and the Derry.

This trip offers some breathtaking views of the coast, as well as allows you to experience the best of Northern Irish culture outside of Belfast. To get the most out of this route, you can spend four to five days in this area, touring the local areas surrounding some of the larger cities.

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