13 questions with Halloween guest editor Patrick Ta

1. What is your favorite Halloween moment in pop culture?

Many iconic pop cultures show Halloween but I like to work with Gigi for her “The Mask” costume. It’s the perfect combination of glam and Halloween costumes.

2. What was your favorite Halloween costume from your childhood?

I didn’t really dress up to grow Halloween. As I grew up, though, I love Halloween and usually have multiple costumes each year. It’s so much fun helping others dress up and seeing what other people bring. All of my friends are so creative!

3. Are you dressing up for Halloween this year? If so, what can you share as you go?

Yes! I actually have three outfits for this year, and I’m very excited. I am going to be a (red) power ranger, boxer and aquaman this year. Me and my friends are all throwing stones at their clothes. It has taken a lot of effort but it is ultimately fruitful.

4. What is your favorite Halloween candy?

My favorite Halloween candy so far is Reese’s – they’re great.

5. Where would you stand in the candy corn debate: great or coarse?

I’m definitely not a candy corn, I like chocolate!

6. Do you have any other favorite parts of the spooky season? Decoration, scary movie watching etc?

Yes, I love fall for many reasons. I think pumpkin carving parties are a lot of fun and an easy night out with friends. Everyone can put their own creative spin on their pumpkins and it’s actually a great time to spend with your friends and loved ones without going crazy.

I especially like hosting movie nights in the fall. When the weather starts to get a little cold, there’s nothing better than gathering your friends. Bonus is a pumpkin carving party and then movie night.

7. Do you like “scary” or “beautiful” Halloween glam / costumes?

I’m obviously more into the beautiful Halloween glam, I like to do it but I think the ultimate Halloween costume has elements of both “scary” and “beautiful”. A chic look just by adding fake blood or a stain takes it to a groove and it is very easy to do.

8. Where does your Halloween makeup inspo for celeb clients come from? Is it a collaboration between the two of you or did the celebrity come up with the idea of ​​dress for you and you came up with the look of beauty?

My clients usually come to me with their clothing or ideas and then I implement their approach to glam elements. I always talk to them about appearance first and make sure we are on the same page and exactly what they are expecting.

9. Any tips / advice for anyone who really wants to make a statement for their Halloween beauty?

Preparation is the key! Always have an idea of ​​what you want to do and have the right tools and products to make the look effective. Make sure your skin is prepared before the event so that the products you apply blend seamlessly into the skin. I don’t think Halloween glam should be inherently clever or hard to master. Adopt the approach you are going for and change it to your skill level and style.

10. If you’re wearing a spooky outfit, what are the beauty tips that go with it but still super glam / flattering / on-trend?

I feel a look integrated and it can be seen throughout my look. I recommend having the same undertone as the dress so that it looks intentional. Also, it’s important to take your time and if you make a mistake – OK, go back and fix it so that you see exactly what you want it to look like.

11. Do you have any recommendations for trendy Halloween costumes that will lend themselves to easy beautiful beauty to sit at home?

It’s so easy to recreate with any decade look makeup, you’re going for a mod ’60s, disco 7’0s, glam’ 80s or angsti 90s look. The trend of the early 2000s is so easy to do with makeup! Apply some bright shadows, dark lip liner and heavy pencil to your eyebrows and you can go.

12. What is your favorite product, color or technique for Halloween?

Skin preparation is essential for any Halloween look. Warm glam looks are traditionally what I like, but I prefer a dark red lip like my major headlines matte suede lipstick should be new for a bold Halloween look.

My new Major Headlines Limited Edition blush palette is also going to be a major essential for me during Halloween and the upcoming holiday season – I can’t wait to use it for every look, it’s versatile.

13. What are some quick makeup tips for those who have decided to celebrate Halloween at the last minute?

I’m usually the one who brings all my Halloween costumes at the last minute and I always rely on makeup to enliven the costume. Something that is so simple but many people forget is pre-made special FX makeup. You can run and catch some fake blood, fake wounds and fake spots to help make your vision effective.

One thing people like to ignore is that I think body brightness for clothing! If you show off your skin this Halloween, I always recommend using a body oil like Major Glow Body Oil or Major Glow Balm to help you look brighter all night long.

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