2 nights at Mount Rushmore, SD

South Dakota Extremely low quality. The state is not just a house Mount Rushmore But the majestic national park, the strange small town and a landscape of different sights that will attract visitors in their own way. In total, we spent three nights South Dakota (See my article on One of Our Nights Sioux Falls). If I only knew how awesome it was here, we could easily have spent a whole week immersed in endless activity and stunning sights. More people need to go to this part of the country. I hope my itinerary below will inspire you to visit and see for yourself what makes this state so interesting.

Feel free to steal our two-night itinerary Mount Rushmore Area (if you have more time, add on the third night Sioux Falls).

The first day: 1. Do your work on the way to wall drugs

Wall drug Two million visitors come to the small town every year The wall. These small shops have a bunch of small shops selling souvenirs, souvenirs, and even fudge. There is also a restaurant (the smell of fried food keeps us from eating there) and very clean lounges. The history of the store has stopped me here. Dating eighty years ago, the original owners promised to open a pharmacy and general store Wall, Known as the “geographical center somewhere”. They struggled to draw customers and brilliantly came up with the idea of ​​pitching Dozens Large hand-made billboards on the side of the road, which still line the highway, advertise that ice-water is available to all visitors. Free. The strategy was successful and thousands of hot, hungry, and tired drivers began to drive. The original pharmacy can still be found on the site along with all the other eclectic offerings in this fun tourist trap. This is a great stop to stretch your legs if it is on your route I would not make it a destination for your trip.

2. Be amazed at the beauty of Badlands National Park

The dramatic landscapes of the park can be appreciated from several look out points Badlands Loop Scenic Byway. The stretch covers about forty miles, fifteen views and plenty of trailheads. This loop is the best way to experience Bad land. Although the park cannot compete Grand Canyon, Regardless of the drive through the park is unforgettable. A great feature of the landscape is the vast meadows between the butts, spears and canyons. The contrast between the bright green grass and the dry rock formation is striking. Below are the scenes we enjoyed:

Peak observation

Ancient hunter


Approximately one mile or more the view of the ancient hunters is one Anonymous The view that I think is one of the most beautiful and unique in the neighborhood. Colorful, wide mountains are spectacular and of another world.

Yellow hill

This aspect is another that you should not miss. Yellow rock formations are quite beautiful and unusual as a result of eroded vegetation on the previous sea floor. In keeping with the color theme, there are also yellow wildflowers that add to the spectacular view.

Panorama points

This perspective offers a general view of what you will see Bad land With panoramic views of the ubiquitous red rock. The scenery here seems particularly infinite.

Burn Basin

This is another great place to get wet in the wide view. Except here you can admire them in the comfort of a bench.

Fossil extinction aspect

There was another one of my favorites in this park. The landscape of this area is different than the others in the park and you can actually walk through the fields. There are several small hills where you can climb. If you’re as lucky as we are, you’ll see a ram looking for a shelter in the small rock cave in front. Another nice advantage is the nearby Fossil Exhibition Trail, a well paved road that displays exhibits of extinct animals that once lived in the park.

Lu. Mount Rushmore visible at Lux-Camping

Under the canvas mount Rushmore Hall “Recognized by Condé Nast “Best Resorts in the World”, “Top 10 Resorts in the United States” and “Top Resorts in the United States – Midwest and West” Black Hills National Forest And Badlands National Park And only 3.5 miles away Mount Rushmore. Spacious safari-inspired tents are furnished with king beds, lovely linen and a private bathroom / shower. Common areas employ well-appointed guests in lounges in communal areas. There is a daily Activity Calendar, Including Yoga classes and guided hikes. Breakfast and dinner are served On the site With nightly smears by several illuminated firepits. Remember, temperatures are highest during the summer months and although the campsite has Wi-Fi, there is no A / C anywhere. On the premises. Fortunately the temperature drops drastically in the evening but do not plan to stay on the premises before 5pm without experiencing heat stroke. We would love to change our accommodation experience a bit and it was a perfect way to gain an outdoor experience without actually having to.

Day two:

1. Make your way to Mount Rushmore in the morning

Mount Rushmore It is a very popular landmark that is flooded with visitors as the day progresses. We confirmed the arrival by 00:00 am and successfully defeated the public. Like most people, I have seen pictures of monuments a thousand times. Despite being so familiar Mount Rushmore As it may seem, personal experience is quite breathtaking. In fact, we unexpectedly landed on the ground for about an hour. Be sure to take half a mile Presidential Trail Around the park which provides various enjoyable points of this memorial masterpiece. The path will take you to the “Sculptor’s Studio” where artist Gutjan Berglum worked on his vision. To avoid climbing hundreds of stairs along the trail, start walking at the left entrance clockwise.

2. Be fascinated by the Black Hills National Forest

Known as “an island in the plains” Black Hills National Forest “ The joy of nature lovers. Driving on windy roads is a journey in itself. Just follow the road as it takes you through rocky rock formations, lakes, canyons and vast meadows. Lower the windows, pump the music, breathe the mountain air and just drive.

3. See Wild Life in Wonder

Take it Black Hills Forest Route towards Custer Park. There is an entrance fee to enter the park but if you want to drive Wildlife Loop State Scenic Byway You have to pay a reasonable fee. Wildlife Loop The specialty of the park is that there are many opportunities to encounter wildlife while driving through the eighteen mile loop. We saw dozens of bison and their calves grazing in the field, some about six inches from our car! Being so close to this animal was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Further down the loop, we cross a field with wild horses and donkeys with their foals. What a wonderful sight! The drive along this loop was surreal. I was constantly looking for unicorn faces and shaking fairies …

4. Recalibrate the downtown caster

After all these sights and excitement you will definitely create an appetite! However, don’t expect plenty of gourmet, healthy food alternatives in the area. Lucky for you, I did some research and found ahead of time Bakers Bakery & Cafe, A well-reviewed restaurant that offers healthy options like salads and wrappers. We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food and the old-western attractions of the historic downtown area. It gives a break in a great refueling rest Custer Park And Crazy horse.

5. Be fascinated by Crazy Horse

Once done, Crazy horse Will be the largest monument in the world. It is really exciting to see the wonder of the future of the world! A visit to see this huge stone side sculpture of flesh is truly a secret in making history. The monument began to be built in 1448, honoring Native American culture and deep history in the region. Many estimate that it will take another hundred years to complete. There is a fee to enter the park. Insider Tip: I will only pay the entrance fee if you are interested in visiting museums and exhibitions. If you just want to see the monument, you can get an equally great advantage from the highway.

6. Cool off to a beautiful lake

Sylvan Lake Perfect withdrawal from the scorching summer temperatures. If you follow my itinerary, you should be at 2pm now, during the day when the high temperatures will peak. There is no better way to escape the heat than to drown in cold, crystal clear water. The lake is absolutely beautiful and has several rock formations that are used as excavator cliffs Lots Swimmers who visit. Free kayak and paddleboard are available on a first come first served basis. There are also several small arrows around the lake for jumping into the water. The most populous, and largest, beach area is near the rocks where the brave ones with my kids jumped into the lake.

7. Navigate through the nutritious needle highway

Along the drive Needle highway Easily made my list of the top five natural drives in America. The road is best known for its needle-like granite formations. You’ll be mesmerized with gorgeous views for the entire fourteen-mile drive. To add to the adventure, you have to drive through a very narrow tunnel that will miraculously adjust your car.

8. Return to the homebase to pay homage to the sun

Time for our glaming adventure Under the canvas, We learned that the best time to enjoy the campgrounds is after 5pm when the temperature cools down. Walking around during this time allows you to enjoy the dazzling fields as you don’t feel like you’re melting or thinking if you accidentally save a sweat lodge for your house. End the day with an outdoor dinner in a pine tree, play some quiet tunes on the guitar available in the lobby, watch the sunset on the rooftops Mount Rushmore, And of course, enjoy one more night of frying marshmallows.

South Dakota A perfect summer destination. Add it to your wish list, fulfill the wish and make it come true!

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