2 nights in Grand Haven, MI

Grand haven I capture everything I ever dreamed of when I longed for summer. This magnificent lake town is a dream destination for those who want to revive those summer days of childhood. The sun doesn’t set until midnight, leaving plenty of time for endless biking with water, lazy wandering the main street for some window shopping, enjoying live music in the restaurant courtyard, and soaking your feet. Lake Michigan Be calm. I absolutely love this little escape to the west Michigan And hopefully you’ll get out of your town, visit this lake town, and spend some of your best summer moments here soon.

Below are my top ten works done in two glorious nights Grand Haven, MI

1. Rent bikes and ride themIn many places:

There are lots of bike lanes across this small town and, in my opinion, the best way to get around. Within a few sections where the bike lane ends, cyclists are allowed to ride on the sidewalk so that a safe ride can be made at all times. Our beds and breakfasts share their cruisers with their guests. However, there are several agencies for renting bikes from the time you stay. Rent your bike (s) so you can walk and stop as you wish, which will often be like a lot of exciting scenes that you will want to spend a few moments with lost in your thoughts.

2. Visit Grand Haven South Pier and Lighthouse:

Two red lighthouses in the pier were established in 1839. About two hundred years later you will see the locals and tourists enjoying the huge view of Elijah.Michigan. Adolescents jump into the cold water while laying each other’s eggs, bikes zip up and down the long walkway, and nature explorers sit and stare at the wonders of our beautiful planet. The hole is enclosed in 1,500 feet of joy in pure summer.

3. Take a tour of downtown Washington Avenue:

This is the main road Grand haven Lined with strange shops, some more than a hundred years old. Washington Avenue Symbol of a small, American city with big offers. There are several retail stores, many restaurants and of course ubiquitous ice cream and sweet shops that sweeten summer travel. Just a few steps away from the downtown boardwalk so make your way there for a nice walk along the waterfront.

4. Explore Ann Arbor, MI:

At home At the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor A two-hour and fifteen-minute drive is well worth it Grand haven. Ideally, you make a stop in Ann Arbor On your way Grand haven If you are going from the east coast. But if it’s out of your way, it’s worth the drive to spend the afternoon! This adorable university town offers eclectic shops, cafes, and many vegan dining options. Raj Path Many of the university’s campus buildings and Main Street are pedestrian-friendly for those who want to fully exploit the local environment. Gingerman’s Daily Probably the biggest draw here. I Never I imagined I would have to leave New York City Find the best Jewish deli in the United States. This is delicatessen Insane And whipped up the most innovative and delicious sandwiches, all served with a crunchy, homemade pickle that completes a perfect meal. I chose for it “Leela and Easy’s Scooky Skidu” filled with lots of Russian dressing on Swiss Emental cheese, coleslaw, and grilled farm bread. God. I have to drive Ann Arbor Just for this sandwich from anywhere in the country.

5. Climb the 11 mile loop trail next to Spring Lake:

Biking enthusiasts will just love the way around Spring Lake. It is well marked and paved for the whole eleven mile loop. Cycling gives a glimpse of the side of the lake that inhabits this part Michigan. You will pass through huge houses lined with water and through more humble surroundings. You’ll catch the patriotic pride that most homes display an American flag with pride. You say “hello” to yourself Every single person That you face because each of them will give you a warm welcome first. Of course, you can enjoy some time with nature while climbing Spring Lake, Along wetlands, and through frequent vegetation as well. There’s no better way to get a feel for a city than to climb through it!

6. Take a hike to North Beach Park:

You will be greeted by plenty of sand at this endless end of the ocean, meaning the lake. I need to be reminded of that Lake Michigan Is No. An ocean. It’s hard not to make the constant mistake for an ocean when the lake doesn’t seem to end evenly! North Beach Park It is a beautiful place to have some fun in the sun and settle for the day to dive into the clear waters of the lake. Or, if you’re like me and don’t particularly like icy water temperatures, hike nearby nearby. This easy and short trip up the wooden stairs provides a beautiful view of the hill below and the vast body of water in front.

7. Soak in some of Muskegon’s history

Just 17 minutes drive from Grand haven Will transport you Muskegon, A wooden town that prospered in the mid-1800s and has been beautifully preserved ever since. The streets are lined with historic buildings that are woven through new structures with many art sculptures and gardens.

To follow Hackley Heritage Trail Which honors Charles Hawkley who built Muskegon’s First schools, churches, hospitals and parks. He is revered throughout the courtyard and his home stands proudly in an authentic state. Learning about Hackley’s history and influence will inspire many who take the time to find out how much a person’s point of view has impressed.

8. Spend an evening in Holland:

You will not need a passport for this Dutch-influenced city on the West Coast Michigan. Holland It has three components: Windmill Island, Dutch Village, And Downtown Holland.

Windmill Island A stylish miniature replica of Holland with loads of a few windmills and tulips. There is a small way to wander around and enjoy some fun photo opportunities.

Dutch village Unfortunately it was closed when we arrived. Imagine it as a small-Dutch theme park with some Dutch architecture, retail stores with color clogs, Dutch bakeries and even small rides for the little ones.

Downtown Holland It reminded us all of Main Street East Hampton, NY Strange shops lined with shops in front along the primitive sidewalk. It’s truly a beautiful part of town that deserves a few bites while exploring, shopping and visiting. We spent most of our time in this part Holland.

When Downtown Holland Don’t forget to stop Holland Peanut Store, A local favorite for a hundred and fifteen years to satisfy your sweet teeth. The candy store is filled with homemade sweets, including your favorite childhood candy. The Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Square I bought melted in my face.

If you go to candy stores and ice cream parlors like mine, you need to stop uncontrollably, be sure to check out Peach Wave Frozen Yogurt and Gelato As well as (located in downtown Holland). In this dreamy frozen yogurt shop, you can self-serve your taste and the desires of your heart (and stomach).

My idea of ​​a perfect summer evening is to explore small coastal towns with little ice cream in hand and no care in the world. You will find these simple, windy moments Holland, MI

9. Bella Mia Stay in bed and have breakfast:

To fully exploit Grand Haven Fascinating I decided to book a bed and a stay for us in the morning. I am thrilled at the decision to book Bella Mia Inside Spring Lake, Just four miles from the city Grand haven. The property is beautiful with every detail. Waking up to the chirping of birds, sipping coffee in the courtyard overlooking the garden, and starting our day with a beautiful breakfast is my heavenly idea. The owner has a bike for guests to use, which we took full advantage of the day we stayed. I also like the location of the property because it is an easy bike ride Grand haven But there are also eleven mile bike paths that loops around Silver Lake. The property has only five guest rooms to ensure ultimate privacy and comfort. Nicole, the maid, is incredibly helpful and suitable for ensuring accommodation. Staying here while traveling in this area has really improved our experience.

10. Eat your little heart:

Surprisingly the food in the area is pretty good (okay, maybe not very good) New York City Value but let me say better than expected). There are plenty of difficult options to choose from but keep in mind that most restaurants are closed on Sundays and Mondays and many do not accept reservations. When you plan your evening to grab a seat before a typical dinner crowd arrives at your dining destination early.

Kerby House

I panicked about eating here because the dining organization has low ratings from patrons. However, our bed and breakfast fast maid recommended it so we gave it a shot and really enjoyed our coming here. The outdoor courtyard was filled with guests with live music and air (boasting the perfect temperature here in the evening). The food was pretty good- I especially liked my shaken salmon salad bowl. Kerby House It’s just boardwalk and off Washington Avenue Made for an ideal location. I can recommend this restaurant as a fun place to dine in the area.


Located Washington Avenue, You can smell home-made waffle cones from hundreds of feet away. Not only that Kilwin Make delicious flavors to enjoy your summer scoops, but they also make a variety of chocolate desserts that delight all chocoholics, including me.

Righteous cooking

Known for serving Mexican food with twists, Righteous cooking Local favorite. This down-to-earth dining hall serves mainly take-outs but also offers several outdoor dining tables that fill up quickly. The staff was returned in the most beautiful way and the food must have a unique flair to it. For example, our nachos had quiso sauce, pinto beans, pico de gallo, anco bbQ sauce, avocado mayo and chipotle cream (it’s not often that you see barbecue sauce in your nachos, but the taste works perfectly!). Also, my “wet burrito” surprised me when I ate the crispy potatoes which added to the delicious overall taste of my food. This is a great lunch option Grand haven Especially on Mondays when most restaurants take a day off.

Boatworks Waterfront Restaurant (Holland)

You can’t beat these scenes Boat work. This waterfront restaurant has a huge outdoor courtyard above the water with the most stunning views. Their salad is also incredible. In each of the three salad dishes we ordered we didn’t get enough of the combination of fresh ingredients. Does it get anything better than healthy food by the water with your loved ones? When Holland Make your way to this picturesque place.

We could easily have spent at least two more nights Grand haven. There are many to discover in the city and surrounding areas. This “coastal” town is really great and allows for a lot of great summer moments. If you have extra nights or two, add them to your visit. Otherwise, the two nights are also quite perfect and will leave you with that beautiful taste in the face of the desire to come back one day for more spells.

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