2 nights in Westlake Village, CA.

We wanted to end our USA road trip with a push when we wrapped up our ten months on the road. We thought that spending two nights in complete enjoyment and endless humiliation would be a great way to end an epic journey and allow us to decompress from the movement around us and prepare for the big changes that come to us mentally in peace. Lives San Diego.

Booking to stay at Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village Time and money were well spent. This is one of the beautiful features that you will encounter. The staff here are trained to provide exceptional customer service and make guests look like VIPs at every turn. Really awesome Four Seasons style, the decor is impeccable and no detail is overlooked. Is it possible to transfer this property instead? San Diego?

The wide plains are relaxed and comfortable with endless nooks and crannies. Some of the degraded offers include an outdoor pool for adults only, a Japanese-inspired lawn, an indoor heated pool, a fully furnished archway booked for personal use, an award-winning restaurant, a full-service coffee bar, a waterfall, a rose garden. The garden which is complete with a walkway, and the most luxurious spa you can ever dream of.

The rooms are spacious and Immaculate. This was our first Complete The road trip in which I put myself to sleep and woke up to the alarm at 00:00 am. I could easily have ruined the morning by dreaming about the luxurious linen wrapped around me but there was so much to regret, enjoy and experience so I pulled myself out of bed with eager interest.

Private Cabana

Cabana of this caliber has not yet been seen in any of the properties we have visited during our many trips. The hotel offers two exclusive full-service cabanas with utmost secrecy. Lounge chairs, a bed, a private plunge pool, a screen TV and a dining table are waiting for those looking for the ultimate luxury experience. There is a call button to indicate to the dotting staff who will refill your glasses with a complimentary bottle of champagne or happily serve the food you ordered from the healthy menu. There are even “don’t bother” signs to let them know that you’re already looking for more privacy than permission. We enjoyed our four hours here. They passed very quickly.

Coins and canders

Dining in a fantastic environment makes absolutely everything tastes good though Coins and canders No help is needed in the fantastic taste section. Their menu is full of new ingredients combined to provide a healthy, innovative approach to California food. We couldn’t even eat here for snacks, breakfast and a dinner. Every meal was really memorable.

101 North Eatery & Bar

Westlake Village Just a three minute walk from the hotel property. Interestingly enough, the city has just avoided the Los Angeles County border and successfully avoided the indoor mask order imposed within the LA border. It was interesting to see such a change in the Kovid culture in a short time. Westlake is an amazingly small town filled with high-end restaurants and high quality retail stores. We enjoyed a beautiful dinner 101 North Eatery & Bar Which proudly whips inspired foods Angels Their use of food scenes and seasonal ingredients. Their falafel sliders and fried chicken sliders appeal to most foods and are delicious. Their pizza can be awesome too. If you are looking for a lively environment, great service and a solid dining experience, you will not be disappointed by reserving here.

Malibu Cafe at Calamigos Ranch

Our friends who live Malibu It is recommended that we meet them at this place for a drink and catch all the adventures of our mutual life. This hard-to-haven is worth the effort to find crafted cocktails in a beautiful environment that can be really fun too! Its low layer of grass Malibu Caf Encourages both adults and children to play outdoor games and even on a lawn filled with bars. The upper deck retains a trendy atmosphere, yet it is still casual. For a great taste Malibur Wide view, it’s a great place to visit.

Stonehouse Winery

I can’t imagine a better place than this for dining and dining Stonehouse Winery Inside Westlake Village. The spacious outdoor patio is filled with picnic tables that create a warm communal feeling that unites people around their common love for great wines. Guests sit down by themselves and order them at a bar, there is no table service here, which makes for a very casual experience. This kind of place I will visit again and again.

Our two nights Westlake Village Exploring the country was really the best way to get around for about ten months. I can’t believe our road trip is over. I can’t believe we’re moving to a new city. I know that once I sit for hours on end this incredible experience will really start to get wet. I still process what my family has learned on the road, the wonderful expeditions we have shared together, and all the changes that have taken place as a result. Get in our car and just drive endlessly. We’ll park our car for a while, though I have a feeling it won’t last as long as you think.

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