20 hours in Chicago, IL.

By booking for just one night stay in this incredible city, I have made a complete noise on this leg of road travel. Coming from New York City, I tend to zip through a city snob bit and other cities I never expected to offer anything more than the city I came from. Boy was my mistake Chicago. It could arguably be the best city in the United States (winter which is minus). The city is quite large for touring many areas, capturing the title of one of the most creative food scenes in the country, extremely clean and well-organized, and an incredible power that keeps visitors out as much as possible. Oh wait, and I forgot to mention how, it is located along most of the water and an entire stretch of beach; Real beach with sand and everything! Now, this is my idea of ​​perfection – a combination of a rich city with a beach! In the eastern river New York City Can’t even start competing with the huge, blue waters Lake Michigan In this part of the country. If only I knew how awesome Chicago Hall, I would book a few more nights here altogether. Learn from my mistakes and make sure you get at least three nights closer to this utopic city.

Here is how our twenty-hour itinerary was. I’m pretty impressed with how fit we are!

Walk in the city, wear comfortable shoes!

In an instant, our initial walking tour looked like this * It’s about a five hour walk *

Navy Pier Lake Front Trail along the Gold Coast and more

Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool Oz Park Old Town (stop at Jenny’s nice ice cream on the way to the next stop)

Millennial Park- Beans

Chicago River Walk

We have started our journey Navy jetty, Holes three thousand feet long Lake Michigan Hang out with people on foot to enjoy the view, have a drink at one of the several outdoor bars, or drive a ferris wheel which is a major part of the city skyline.

From there we continue on the path of well-ripened water Lake Front Trail Which extends eighteen miles of waterfall lanes for cyclists, runners and nature lovers to enjoy the breathtaking view of the lake. The lanes are wide, leaving plenty of space for all kinds of passengers who are soaking in the spectacular views of the crystal water on their route. We continue walking within ourselves Gold Coast, One of the richest neighborhoods in the city, with orderly houses and high skyscrapers. If you’re up for an extra walk, walk around the street and enter the neighborhood. The neighborhood has plenty of stunning architectural monuments, notable restaurants and high quality shopping. Once you are back Lake Front Trail, Don’t forget to pause Oak Street Beach, In the heart Gold Coast, Which is a fantastic part of the coast with enough sand and water to remind the Caribbean. We walked about two miles to enjoy the primitive body of water, two adventurous swimmers, sunbathing, volleyball players and all the locals found together to enjoy a spectacular city and the sea!

From Lake Front Trail We have passed Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool, A beautiful three-acre enclave is beautifully landscaped in the middle of the city. Stone steps, wild-flowered paths, animal life, and a pond lined with lilies all offer perfect restoration from urban life.

We had ambitious goals Oz Park From here and then down to the bottom Old town Along Wells Street, Then Jenny’s nice ice cream, And then finally Fantastic miles But to be honest, our legs hurt now so we got on our way Millennium Park Instead. The park is a great urban oasis with the most fascinating amphitheater and, of course, the iconic “bean” that attracts thousands of people every day. When we arrived at the park on Tuesday afternoon in July, The Chicago Symphony Orchestra was rehearsing and a free concert was arranged for visitors! Oddly enough, there were only a handful of audience members while hundreds of people a few feet above “The Bean” were waiting for the perfect Instagram capture of the beautiful extraordinary sculpture.

A short walk from Millennium Park Will take you Chicago Riverwalk, A pleasant trip beside the bright green waters Chicago River. Make sure to grab a great shot on Sand Bridge Which is accidentally shaking violently with each truck!

Where to stay:

Peninsula Hotel The ultimate hotel for luxurious accommodation, comfort, and an excellent location River north City section with easy access to many Chicago The most preferred site. The hotel is spending glamorous vacations with dotting staff, paying close attention to detail, and the rooms have been rearranged with the most modern touches. They even provided the most delicious selection of treats prepared by their pastry chef to welcome our kids. This place is all about thinking. Our stay here was perfect and my only complaint was that we didn’t stay long.

Where to eat:

Breakfast: Beatrix This local favorite offers a healthy selection of breakfast items including fresh-squeezed juices in a prone environment that will allow you to sip your green juice as slowly as possible. The restaurant opens very soon and the day starts bright for interested tourists like me and starts getting wet in many places in the city as soon as possible! The food here is fresh, delicious and all you need to start your day! We chose a selection of juices: blueberry juice with white grapes and basil; Mango, orange and pineapple nectar; Pineapple Yuju Lemon. We ruined Greek yogurt and berries for our meals; Topped with avocado and jalapeno toast radish and crispy quinoa; Egg white sandwich with shishito pepper, jalpenos, organic kale and spinach. Everything was delicious.

Lunch: Giordano You can’t leave Chicago Without trying Giordano Famous Stuffed Deep-Dish Pizza. It’s like any other pie and will absolutely take off your socks. Baked cheese In Top with crust and a homemade mariner sauce for an explosive pizza eating experience. For 10.99 you can get your own personalized deep dish pizza with side dishes. Now that’s a deep theft!

Dinner: Angry I spent a lot of time wondering where we should eat for dinner Chicago And I’m glad to share the fruits of my labor. Angry Offers a four-course prex-fix menu for 655 per person that will take you on a culinary journey of innovative Middle Eastern flavors and ingredients that blow even the best restaurants Tel Aviv Outside the park. We haven’t eaten Israeli food so well since our trip Israel. Our dining experience was non-stop delivery of large portions of ordinary Israeli food with a unique twist. We ate a lot of perishable food to list here but trust me when I tell you every bite was thrilling. In my opinion, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to eat here while in town.

I did not have high expectations Chicago. If I only knew how impressive the city is, how much it has to offer and how much fun it is to get around here, I could book a longer stay. I booked for a nine-and-a-half month trip across the United States and made very few decisions which I regretted in my plans. Not having much time in Chicago is one of them.

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