20 hours in Cleveland, oh

We hit Cleveland A jolt through a small town and a storm involves many sights and activities that might be appropriate for a short, one-night stay. Check out my tips below that will guide you through a quick trip to Forest City.

Walk through the downtown area – Honestly, we were a little disappointed from the downtown area of ​​the city. During our visit, it was extremely secluded, completely closed on a Saturday, and there were some interesting characters wandering the streets. Surprisingly, we walked three kilometers in search of a coffee shop where no one was found! The architecture is also not the most interesting. However, we enjoyed watching the streets that led us to some of the fun attractions I listed below. Also, keep in mind that there are lovely stretches to travel along Erie Lake Which presents a detailed view of this huge body of water. Despite the fact that it may not be so obvious at first glance, there are some attractions to enjoy here.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame- This museum is one of the most popular attractions in Cleveland. The Rock Hall It’s one Huge Collection of memorabilia from the greatest legends of rock and roll. We have been fascinated by the layout and compilation of everything from costume pieces to handwritten letters representing the lives of the most influential musicians in history. Adding to the fun, “The Garage” is a part of the museum that invites visitors to bring out musicians through the jam with plenty of instruments. A visit to the area is a must.

Moving on to trendy tremont-

There is a small neighborhood just a seven-minute drive from downtown Tremont Which has a variety of shops and several lively restaurants. Unlike downtown, there were plenty of people in this part of Cleveland to enjoy summer evenings. We have made reservations here Danter, Directed by the only Michelin-starred chef in Cleveland. Although this restaurant with Michelin stars in food cities like San Francisco or New York City will never be run by a chef, the food presentation is beautiful and so is the professional service. If you are looking for a high quality food Cleveland, I don’t think you’ll get anything better than that Danter But that doesn’t mean the food is excellent every second.

Watch a baseball game with a sunset-

If you can, snatch some tickets for the Indians to play in the progressive field. The stadium is absolutely beautiful. Combined with the strength of the crowd and the stunning sunset, it will be the highlight of your visit Cleveland. Watching the Indians play against the Royals in this epic setting turned me into a baseball fall!

Stay at a Swanki Hotel-

If you want to stay downtown, consider 9 in the metropolis, autograph collection. The hotel offers a very popular rooftop-top bar, and very spacious suites for its guests, within walking distance of all the attractions I listed above. My favorite features of the hotel are the extra-large, well-equipped gym and a fully equipped Pilates studio. Finally, the lobby has a delicious restaurant, Wine factory, Which serves brunch on the weekends. Be prepared for huge crowds. The hotel was operating at full capacity during our stay.

Our tour was short and sweet. We found Clevelanders very sweet with strange personalities. For a city, the pace is rather cool. I’m not sure Cleveland is a tourist destination. However, if you find yourself going through the city, you will find yourself ready to enjoy the area and then leave quickly. In my well-traveled opinion, twenty-four hours is more than enough time in this part of the city.

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