2021 Season – Fun facts about the Utah Shakespeare Festival you may not know

By Liz Armstrong

From the Covid-1 pandemic epidemic to our sixtieth anniversary, the 2021 season must have been eventful to pay our respects to the founder, Fred C. Adams. But there is more. Below are seventeen interesting facts you may not know about season:

  • This was the first year without our founder Fred C. Adams, who died in February 2020.

  • This is the first year Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) has taken part in a play at the festival.

  • This is the first festival to produce a play by a black playwright, Pulitzer Prize winner Lynn Notz, produced by Intimate clothing.

  • With two sensitive-friendly performances held this year, 404 audience members were able to attend a professional theater production that would not have been possible otherwise.

  • The famous Evelyn Nesbitt, featured in it Ragtime, Derek Livingston’s cousin, our new drama development / artistic associate director.

  • More than 600 children were cared for in our childcare center during the entire performance.

  • Fully functional car Ragtime Built from an old golf cart.

  • More than 2,874 shifts have been completed this year.

  • Cast of two persons Horrible comedy Husband and wife Michael Doherty and Alex Keper.

  • Acting Error comedy And Symbol, Howard Ladder is also a film and television editor for the NBC-TV show This is us.

  • Actor Perry Ojeda has appeared in a television show Great housewife And The days of our lives

  • This season, over 100 volunteers helped distribute brochures, start performances, copy scripts, run programming, help promote the season, help raise funds, sort company arrivals, prepare mailing, and more.

  • Playing Pirate King The Pirates of Penzance And inside Houdini Ragtime, Actor Rhett Guter was also a professional magician and magic designer for Ragtime.

  • An entire family was beheaded Ragtime, Parents Aaron and Shannon Galigan-Stearle starring with their two children Devin and Joey.

  • Jasmine Bracey appears on television show as Mrs. Dixon in intimate outfits New Amsterdam And Shikako PD

  • Properties director Ben Hohmann hired his mother to help him make Crazy Silver Intimate clothing. She sewed basics for a full silver top from her home in Ohio.

  • This year marks the 45th annual Shakespeare Competition, and more than 2,500 students from 80 schools across the country have registered to participate.

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