President Biden’s ambassador to Haiti has resigned to treat immigrants

Ambassador Daniel FooteThe U.S. special envoy to Haiti, the Biden administration, has resigned over his treatment of Haitians on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Hundreds of Haitian migrants are living in a makeshift campsite under a bridge in the city of Del Rio, Texas, as their pending immigration status awaits progress, Reuters reported. U.S. officials have allowed them to travel to Ciudad Aqua, Mexico, in search of food and supplies, and to return through shallow points along the river.

Pictures of federal border patrol agents on horseback as migrants tried to cross the Rio Grande went viral and sparked outrage over their treatment. Officials say the incident is under investigation. But the incident was enough to remove Fute, who had been on the job since July, to step down.

“I will not be associated with the reverse decision of the United States to deport inhumane, thousands of Haitian refugees and illegal immigrants to Haiti, a country where American officials are under combined protection due to danger. Our policy towards elephants is deeply flawed, and my recommendations have been ignored and rejected, while a description different from my own has not been presented.

“The people of poverty-stricken Haiti cannot support the forced infiltration of thousands of returning migrants, including terrorism, kidnappings of militants, robberies and genocide of armed groups, and suffering under a corrupt government with gang alliances, food, shelter. Meaning without additional, avoidable human tragedy, “it continues.

The State Department has not yet commented on the resignation. As special envoy to Haiti, Ambassador Daniel Foote has tendered his resignation. “We thank her for her service to her country and the people of Haiti,” the department said in a statement to the Miami Herald.

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September 22, Representative Maxine Waters SpokeHe said he was “dissatisfied with this administration” and “what we saw was worse than what we saw in slavery … the cowboys were whipping black people again with their reins.”

House Democrats are demanding an end to all deportations to Biden. Representative Ayana Presley“The Biden administration must immediately and indefinitely end the deportation,” Capitol said at a Sept. 22 news conference in the United States.

The Biden administration is using a Trump-era policy, a public health law known as Title 42. Under this law, migrants at the port of entry are denied the opportunity to apply for asylum and are deported due to the public health crisis. However, according to CNN, a federal judge barred the Biden administration from enforcing Title 42. On September 16, the administration was given two weeks to close the policy.

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