Chuck D’s remarks about R. Kelly Roy sparks controversy Music

One day later And. Kelly He was convicted of all kinds of fraud and sexual trafficking. Chuck D. R&B is talking about the potential prison time that the singer could face after the formal sentence.

On his Twitter account, public anime member Kelly compared the case Ike Turner, Who has been convicted of drug offenses, and Rick James, Who was in prison after being abducted and tortured. Every 18 months and three years, has served respectfully.

“Tortured in his youth … Addicted as an adult … Ike Turner spent 18 months in prison … Rick James did the same time. Ike is a changed positive person,” Chuck tweeted. Does a USA system give a person a chance to change the world around him? “

He added: “This is not a sympathetic question at all. At least not.”

In another tweet, the rapper said that the radio industry has “perpetuated” many vague lines between what adults should do and what children should be involved in.

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“The lifestyle of people growing up with black youth was so permitted that there was so much urban coolness on the radio,” he wrote. “Black spectators were abused while having poppy champagne in the sandbox for 25 years. Boundaries were head nodes. That guy and others gave hints that the doormen ignored.”

And many are reacting to Chuck D’s comments, including Kelly, which includes Jamel Hill, Who said it was the singer’s victims who needed sympathy, not Kelly.

Others answered. See what they had to say below.

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