Why David Arculator is on a journey of self-acceptance

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Raised by his mother in a deep religious family with his four siblings In Guadalupe, A salsa singer and dancer originally from Honduras and his musician father Jeff Arculetta, Who is of Spanish, German and Irish descent, Arculata admitted that she felt her sexuality was in conflict with her beliefs. He particularly struggled with the realization that his future might not include the traditional theatrical version of a family that he assumed he had.

“It’s easy, just find a woman and get married, and then you have a baby, and if she can’t have a baby, you don’t,” he said, summarizing what he presented to her. “Because that’s exactly how I grew up as a Christian, as a lottery-day saint. With marriage in the past, and it’s always true, really … I don’t know how to describe it.

Until his thoughts on a family in the future, he admitted, “I don’t know what else it means for me.”

Not that he doesn’t know that he is By There are options, but, he explained, “I have to be more open to what that might mean. And what those options will be. It’s a new process for me.”

Overall, to Arculators, giving birth to babies means “the opportunity to go through what I have learned, to help them have a better life and be kind, and to make a positive impact wherever they are – and wherever they are I still find that beautiful , Because there is nothing more beautiful than sharing.

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