‘RHOP’ star Dr. Rumors of Wendy Osefo and husband Eddie cheating

Well, it seems Dr. Wendy Osefo And her husband Eddie Has finally been able to rest on the rumors of cheating.

Talking to Page Six, Potomac’s real housewife The star shared how she and her husband were able to ignore the constant rumors of disbelief in their marriage during season 6 of the show.

“When something isn’t true and you know your truth, it doesn’t really affect you. My response to women was, ‘Don’t try to tarnish her reputation.’ That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. ”

Added, “I know this is not true. That’s not us [were] Talk about something. What we do [were] Speaking of, ‘Don’t play with my husband’s name.’ And I said it very clearly. ”

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“It was his mess,” the 37-year-old said of his ex-friend. “And if he had owned it, it would have been fine. But without being afraid in disguise, I would say, ‘Oh, I’m worried.’ It was not a matter of concern. “

Despite the drama, Wendy says she and her people are solid. This couple has been married for 10 years.

“We are husband and wife, but above all, we are friends,” he said of the attorney, with whom he shares three young children: son Carter and Cruz, and daughter Camerin. “When your friendship unit is really strong and you actually take care of someone, everything else, you do it as a team.”

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She further revealed that her husband had a big support for her to reconsider her friendship with Bryant off camera.

“We talk about everything all the time. When I told him what I said, he said, ‘I’m sorry that someone you thought was a friend did it to you.’ That was the conversation we had at home, ”said the Johns Hopkins University professor. “Let’s re-evaluate who you think is your friend.”

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