Exclusive: Divya Dutt and Faraj Arif Ansari will represent Shir Kormar at DFWSAFF

Shiv Korma, a short film representing the LGBTQA + community with a heartwarming story starring Shabana Azmi, Divya Dutt and Swara Bhaskar. Produced by Marijke de Souza, the film has already won the Best Short Film Audience Award at the Frameline Film Festival and qualified for BAFTA 2021. Adding another feature to its already heavy cap, directors Faraz Arif Ansari and Divya Dutt are now traveling to the United States to represent the film at the DFW South Asian Film Festival.

Speaking on the same topic, Divya said, “I am very excited to go with my director for this amazing trip to Dallas and New York. It’s such a pride that one feels when you see Shir Korma flying at every possible festival. Personally it’s exciting to see the love that the film is getting. ”

In addition, Faraj also shared their excitement for the upcoming trip, saying, “I am very excited that Divya Dutt and I are going to travel to the United States and be a part of DFWSAFF and NYCSAFF in Dallas and New York City. We are grateful to the US Consulate that we This will be the first time we will personally attend a film festival and watch the film with a live audience in a big screen theater … just like in the old days! Later, the frameline And I will be traveling to San Francisco to screen the film in collaboration with the Family Bay Area.Also, I had to add that I am thrilled to be wearing great clothes on the red carpet of top Indian designers, Siddharth Tytler, Mehrab and Donia Siddiqui.Hopefully we will win many prizes here! ”

Mere korma

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